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"Education and Lies"
by Lynne M. Taylor

My fellow Patriots, we all know education is important. It always has been. Hopefully, education will continue to be important. However, in the modern educational reform, a true academic education has been replaced with one of skill-based learning which is better suited for big business than Johnny or Suzy's personal desires. So, in effect, education has become worker training.

If you've followed my research and writing here on PI (Patriot Institute) or elsewhere, you know I've pointed out several ways in which ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) supports the shift in education FROM a 7 Pillar type of learning (see above) which has supported our world for thousands of years TO the United Nations based, global educated worker. (See below)

So, where's the truth and where's the lie? Truth: education will not be wisdom filled as long as laws like ESSA are not repealed. The lie is simply this, comptency based education is a farce we've been told to believe in.

How the Series Got Started:

Several months ago, I was in a conversation with two great educator activists who are as like-minded as I am. Kirsten Lombard is with Resounding Books. Mary Black is with Freedom Project Education. I, as you know, either write here or full-time on my Common Core Diva blog.

Our goal? To truthfully inform any student, parent, teacher, Warrior, and, Patriot about ESSA's overreach into 'alternative education'. We also wanted to lay out the progressive, century old shift designed to level all education into worker training.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Education's definition of 'alternative education', it basically means every single student in certain groups (ex: special education, at-risk, low-income) in public schools AND everyone else OUTSIDE of the public education system. (ex: homeschool, dual enrollment, vocational schools, etc.)


In Segment One we address the OTHER lies surrounding education reform.


Key facts from Segment One:
ALEC's involvement in this shift
Factory style learning
How this shift aligns with a global mindset
Current legislation supporting modern education shifts
All politicial parties are responsible for the state of education


In Segment Two, Kirsten, Mary, and I address how the massive amounts of data mining collected with this workforce shift harm our families; profit corporations, and create a mindless, complient worker.
The truth? Data mining exploits. The lie we've been told? Data collection means personalized learning succeeds.


Key Facts from Segment Two:
Assessments drive the data collection
At least $20 billion in profits are at stake
Whole family data collection in the name of 'student success' is a reality
No educational choice will escape data mining for EVERY age group


Segment Three reveals our conversation surrounding the fallacies of 'school choice'. The lie has been extremely effective. So much so, it has been embedded in ESSA, included in the federal budget, AND, championed by educrats.
The truth? In ESSA's language, page 17 of the Law, ALL education MUST be aligned to the SAME goal: post-secondary readiness as per WIOA's standards. (*WIOA is Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)


Key Facts from Segment Three:
Policy is confused as law, especially as the mainstream media sells it
States and school boards are being micro-managed by many CCSS Machine member groups
Double-dipping in education funding is a real-time problem in every State
School choice only changes your location, not the type of education


Lastly, in Segment Four of this very important Series, we ladies address the exclusion of parents in education. (The truth) We also tackle the 'local control' lie so easily tossed around as ESSA was being voted on and passed into law.


Key Facts from Segment Four:
We must get involved
The word games being played upon Americans is important to learn to navigate
Local school boards are not what they used to be
P3s (public private partnerships) are given more power in ESSA. These partnerships are running education as a business, not a service

The Wrap Up:

Patriots, I urge you to share these videos with those you know have been deceived about the 'school choice' issue;
the 'local control' fallacy; the data mining helps your student succeed; and, that we must close a workforce based skills gap in education. Patriots, we must arm our fellow homeschool parents with truth they will NOT get anywhere else! We, as a nation, were set apart because of our freedoms! Let's do all we can to keep our freedoms..especially in education!

A special thanks to Freedom Project Media for their recording and production of this Series.


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