Campagin in Vain?
An educational take on the Blueprint Budget Proposal
from the President of the United States
Lynne M. Taylor

My fellow Patriots,
How do we, as fellow freedom loving Americans, deal with Mr. Trump’s Proposed Budget? Mainstream media has had a field day with it.  Did mainstream media only pick out bits and pieces to support their points? I think so.

As an education law and policy researcher, it is vital to sift through all the evidence. As such, I read the entire Blueprint Proposal. Not simpy the “U.S. Department of Education” pages.

What we need to know is from the evidence I’ve found, Mr. Trump’s campaign promise to end Common Core is not reflected  in his Proposed Blueprint Plan.

A False Foundation:

Patriots, it’s been proven several times how false the foundation surrounding Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is. No, CCSS wasn’t State-led in its inception. No, CCSS wasn’t properfly field tested in educational settings before its mass release. No, CCCS wasn’t written by any educator with real-time educator classroom experiences.

The foundation for CCSS actually came from the United Nations (UN) and has been supported in America. Who supported CCSS? Evidence traces an agreement between Bill Gates and the UN for a Gates-written, one-world curriculum back in 2004. From a more global aspect, roots for the ideology of CCSS can be traced to Russia, Germany, China. Global funds from Qatar have helped extend the ideology we see in our educational system. Another ideology based tennacle for CCSS is found in Agenda 21, which created MDGs (Millennial Development Goals) used in Agenda 2015, and now SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) used in Agenda 2030.

However, Gates is far from alone in the American support for CCSS. Progressives, socialists, globalists, and technocratic politically leaning citizens and businesses have all gotten behind CCSS. Joining these groups are ‘educational researchers’ using business model practices to shape education; powerhouse educational resource companies paying lobbyists to whisper in Congress’s ear. Our nation is reeling in education freefall at a speed that’s down right scary.

National Standards by ANY name choke out freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every American, not just our future generations.

The Campaign Promise:

If you cannot read the print, it says, “January 26, 2016; Donald J. Trump;I will end common core. It’s a disaster. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016″ (To see the picture better, try to open it in a separate screen.)

Enter the New President:

Not long after our new President was elected, we began to see social media evidence like this pop up.

For those of us who have been fighting against Common Core (and all that goes with it) for years, words like what you see above were almost like a breath of fresh air.

For some Patriots, Mr. Trump’s promise appeared to be on the right track for American education. For a few others, great pause was given.

Why? Mr. Trump’s Vice President’s ties to supporting Common Core and its ‘adult form’, Career Tech Education (CTE).

My fellow Patriots, how can Americans possibly see Common Core end when the Vice President is so supportive, he’s been treated like a CTE (Career Tech Education) champion by our current Congress?

How can America be ‘great again’ with CC supportive Cabinet members who’ve been sworn in?

How can we end Common Core if we don’t end the OTHER portions of it?
Common Core is SO much more than “Common Core State Standards”. It’s called ‘College and Career Readiness Standards’ in ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). ESSA also uses ‘challenging state academic standards’; ‘post-secondary readiness’; CCSS is also found in CTE, STEM (Science, Engineering, Math, and, Science), NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), NGSSS (Next Generation Social Studies Standards), in our community libraries and museums, and a host of other programs.

How can Mr. Trump end Common Core by extending so much of its previous reform when all 13 level Cabinet Agencies have a CTE Master Plan in place?

Who is churning out more CCSS/CTE/STEM advancement? Congress! Our leadership in D.C. has gone rabid for alignment between the workforce and education.

Patriots, we cannot and should not be blinded by accepting the good things about our leaders while not recognizing the moves to change America are in full swing. As a Patriot, it is our duty to be objective, no matter which leaders are elected.

It is to this end I am providing you with the truthful evidence so you can make up your own mind about this grave issue for America. If you look above, you’ll see I’ve embedded 1 article (look for the highlighted word ‘evidence’).
Here, you’ll also be able to access my Anti Fed Education Priorities document.


I urge, you Patriots, to read it. Each highlighted word links you to much of my research about the overreaches of CCSS,CTE, STEM, and all the connections.

Mr. Trump said he’d end Common Core. I found 85 ways his Proposal keeps Common Core.

We MUST hold our President accountable. Since Congress also loves CC and all that goes with it, how are they KEEPING Common Core alive? (Find out in my Anti Fed Ed document). Help me inform ALL our leaders in D.C. this is not the greatness America needs to excel.
If you use Twitter, use #KeepYourPromise to send D.C. your message of respectful dissent.

Patriots, it’s up to us to help save America, are you ready?

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