The Educational Loss of Independence:
What’s Really Going On in America’s Schools
Lynne M. Taylor

My fellow Patriots, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind us this weekend that while we should STILL celebrate our Independence Day on one hand, we should mark the LOSS of independence in our American school system.

We all know that over the years, the loss of freedoms and independence in our classrooms has marched on. For example, when prayer was removed from school (1962 Supreme Court decision), a massive shift happened. However, we need to note that the loss of freedom and independence in our educational system began well before 1962.

If Not 1962, When?

Patriots, if you’ve read any of my other articles here, you know I’ve shared how Berit Kjos has a detailed timeline for the decline of American education in her booklet “A Common Core for A Global Community”. In it she tells us it was 1905 when the Carnegie Foundation’s “Advancement of Teaching” was chartered by our own U.S. Government. How is this a root of the loss of independence? The Carnegie Foundation has been a long time promoter to socialistic and global ideals…not American values!

What About After 1962?

Patriots, plenty of loss of independence has occurred. How? Little by little and without much notice, I believe.
From the time Pres. Johnson entered office, we’ve seen an increase in the overreach by the U.S. Government into education. Johnson’s approach was unique in the fact he not only overreached in education, but began the union between the U.S. Dept. of Labor to education. See my research here.

Patriots, ANY time there’s an INCREASE in our federal government, there’s a LOSS of our citizen protected rights to independence and freedom.

Present Day Losses:

Patriots, since the “CCSS Machine” (short for ‘Common Core State Standards Machine’) has rolled into America, we’ve had several losses in education. We’ve seen quality academics reduced in both content AND the time spent on them. We’ve seen teachers become puppets, school principals ‘encouraged’ to lead his or her school in ways which are corporate pleasing NOT tay-payer accountable. We’ve seen kids over-tested to the point of self-harm or suicide.

Now that we’re in the ESSA* Era (as I call it), the losses in our children’s independence will continue to rack up. All the while, those supporting this shift from academics into social justice/workforce trained workers, are claiming how much MORE freedom your family is guaranteed.
(ESSA: Every Student Succeeds Act)

Patriots, think about it, we HAD 100% freedom before ESSA’s mandates. You CANNOT improve on 100%!

Once all the mandates are completed, those freedoms will NOT increase, but become streamlined to a corporate driven plan..not what’s best for your child. Gone will be the ‘school choice’ (Page 17 of the Law states ALL education must be aligned to a WIOA, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, set of ‘industry credentialed standards’.)
Does that sound like a true ‘free choice’? NO!!

Gone will also be a classical based education where Johnny and Suzy are taught HOW to think. In it’s place: WHAT to think! Does this sound like ‘independence’?! NO!

More losses can be calculated by knowing this education shift is not reserved for only our K-12 public school kids. The shift is encompassing birth to adults! Is this what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they struggled against oppressive control?! No! Our ancestors fought SO hard to be free; to ensure OUR freedoms, why are we complacent in seeing them stripped away, little by little? Why are we so quick to jump on the bandwagon of public propaganda?

Sure, we’ve heard all the rhetoric from D.C. about how GREAT ESSA is, but, Patriots, D.C. is PART OF THE PROBLEM!

ESSA is NOT a solution to better education in America. It’s a codified disaster to further pave the way to an Un-American nation. (Kjos has proven, as have others like myself, that the UN (United Nations) is involved and leading us astray.) If you’d like a bit more in-depth reading about ESSA, WIOA, and the UN, please refer to my article. (*Note: due to the way US laws are written, HEA, the Higher Education Act, is woven into both ESSA and WIOA, as well as being a stand-alone law.)

So, Patriots, celebrate what freedoms and independence, we, as Americans still have.
Purpose to fight to the end to protect your children in the coming days.
Join with like-minded other Patriots who wish to see American education be free and independent in its original intent. 

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