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Americans finally go to the polls tomorrow. Good or bad, the election will be over. I don’t know who is going to win, but I do know who is going to lose.

On one hand we have a narcissistic egomaniac who, despite his claims of being a Christian, states he has never sought or asked for forgiveness from anyone ever and bragged in his book about sleeping with multiple married women. His knowledge of the issues is razor thin and he routinely contradicts himself on where he stands even on these. He has absolutely no experience in politics and for most of his public life has supported just about every position that he claims to be against now.

He is vindictive and holds grudges. He takes comment or political assessment personally and attacks whomever he perceives has wronged him. Trump won the Republican primaries by name calling and belittling his opponents. Calling Senators Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” and Marco Rubio “Little Marco” to marginalize and mock the candidates and the political process. If elected, Donald Trump will be a transitional president who may usher in a true conservative movement in America to reverse the damage he will inflict on our Constitutional republic.

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Donald Trump does not have the temperament or experience to be president

The only thing that would be worse for America than electing Donald Trump would be if we elected his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The Clinton crime family has been fleecing America and the world since the election of her husband, Bill. The Clinton Foundation has been used illegally to sell access to and favors from the State Department the entire time while Hillary was the Secretary of State.

For example, Hillary sold out America and transferred control of over 20% of America’s uranium to a Russian firm in exchange for contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Throughout her tenure, Clinton used multiple unsecured electronic devices for her email to include a server in the bathroom of her private home, a clear violation of federal law. The FBI found thousands of emails that illegally contained classified information. Each of these, every single one of them, is a federal crime.

Clinton lied. She lied to the press. She lied to Congress. She lied to the American people. She destroyed phones and other evidence. She deleted messages and scrubbed hard drives after receiving a Congressional subpoena then lied about it. The destruction of evidence is also a crime. Lying to Congress is a crime. Hillary Clinton, beyond dispute, is a criminal. Despite the overwhelming evidence, the FBI’s director, James Comey, did not prosecute.

That doesn’t change the facts that Hillary Clinton is a liar, a crook and a criminal. She also might be our next president.

And that’s the problem.

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Hillary Clinton is a cheat, liar and a criminal. She should not have made it this far in this election.

Neither of these candidates should have made it this far. They should have been booed off the stage, sent home during the primaries or hauled off to prison months ago. But here we are. These are our choices for this election: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

How did America end up here?

America is more fractured and polarized than in living memory. Race relations are in a shambles. Violent crime is on the rise in our cities. Cops are being assassinated. Riots, terror attacks and corruption are now commonplace. America has lost its moral compass. Moral relativism has replaced any objective right or wrong. Anything Christian or spiritual has been driven from our courtrooms, schools and public square. Intellectualism has been replaced by memes on Facebook and 140 character tweets.

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The Black Lives Matter movement personifies the fractured and polarized country

Americans generally have no idea what is in the Constitution. They don’t know where their rights come from and have no idea what the legal or moral limits of government power really are – or at least what they used to be and still should be. The candidates promise to do anything and no one calls them out on the limits of the office of the presidency. Hillary promises free day care and to federalize preschool and there isn’t a whisper in the press on how any of that – all of that – would be unconstitutional. That is only one example of many.

Intentionally or otherwise, Americans have no historic perspective and cannot apply critical thinking to compare what is to what ought to be and then how to get there. We are, by and large, ready to hand off our 4 year-old children to a government-run institution to teach and indoctrinate without so much as a thought if it is right or wrong.

Tomorrow America will begin to reap what we have sown. The next four years are going to be very trying times for our nation, regardless of who wins the election. It is going to be a very, very long four years. I sincerely hope America survives.

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