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EVER WONDERED why these supposedly super sensitive Antifa types only care about slavery by White Americans? Or maybe you tried to figure out why these Super Moral folk do not care about any other group in any other country and at any time that had slaves. For instance, between 85 to 95% present of all slaves that passed through human hands during the slave trade were traded by Muslims, black, white and every shade in between.

Why then do they not get any credit? Most blacks who went into slavery were sold by other blacks. All groups had them even the Indians. And Muslims are still slaving to this very day. They have millions of them right now and love slavery, yet they are not hated. I would bet some are members of Antifa. Yet you never hear people wanting to tear down Mosques, where much of this tyranny is hatched in modern times.
Irony of ironies the very ideological descendants of the slave owners, the Democrats, who created the KKK; white supremacy, Jim crow, black laws and their partners in the liberal media, are politically using most of those in the tear down history movement .Once again it is about gaining power and keeping control over people. They are being told that in order to be free and just, they must destroy only certain of the past and people which will benefit them.

As the real world facts I summarized above indicate, the only true benefit is the stirring up and satisfying of their voters whom they have trained; and the erasing of their democrat racist legacy by removing historical statues, reminders. But even that does not erase their racist legacy. It only proves that their new way of MENTAL slavery is better suited for today’s world … A simple plaque adding details to the folly of those involved in slavery would be a much better thing, because in the real world the bad is not generally all that was important about a person. Take the Statue of General Lee; he also led in the war against Mexico.

And to Elucidate on the matter further, understand the people wanting to throw down history are not doing so because the statues were bothering most of them in the past. But if you indoctrinate them into a new ideology and add a little Soros cash, history has proven that you can get some people to do almost anything. Communists always do this.. What they are doing is trying to start a revolution that will reach all the way back and disparage the Founding Fathers, so that they can claim that their very IDEAS upon which the country was founded were evil and then replace them with their own ideas which lead to Tyranny.

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These People who say, that you have to stop free speech by force in order to preserve free speech and that you have to use violence to preserve non-violence are very dangerous. Add to that the fact that many who argue about slavery:

1. Still support the group that handled 85% of all slaves the last 1400 years; the MUSLIMS.. Blacks, whites and browns. They are still enslaving to this very day.

2. They also support the killing of the 60 million most innocent unborn, because they live in an era when that is popular for at least nearly half our population. And they see less of a problem with murder than the founders did about slavery. Yet I would bet they would see no problem putting up their own statues. These people are not worthy to stand on the same grounds with the founders of the country. They are not better people at all. They are lesser in ideals and self reflection.
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Why can I say this? Because although the founders were flawed men, they were able to step outside of themselves in their day and time and say all men were created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with rights no other person can take from them.. Not only whites as the LIARS claim they said, but all men; meaning all people. They built the Constitution on top of this; the very IDEAS that made it IMPOSSIBLE for slavery to always continue in this country.

The People behind this communist movement know that it is those Founders’ very ideals which stare down communism; and before it or any other form of Tyranny can engulf this planet it must first remove the ideals and influence of the American founders from among mankind. Maybe instead, this is a time that we should teach the full truth about our history which has brought us to where we are today; The good; the bad; the ugly; an most of all the brilliance!

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