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The 2016 presidential election is focused on the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but there are other candidates running. One of these other candidates is Evan McMullin. Evan is not represented by any party, but is an independent candidate with hopes of reaching first out to enough voters to get on the state ballots, then to the White House.

First, a disclaimer: This article is not an official endorsement of McMullin. The Patriot Institute does not endorse candidates. This article is to inform the American voter of the choices available as we move closer to Election Day in November. We will be doing a number of articles in the coming days covering other “other” candidates that may be on the ballot in your state.

Many people haven’t ever heard of Evan McMullin nor know that he is running for president. As an independent candidate, McMullin did not participate in any of the debates and is not getting any media attention, despite the fact that he is now on the ballot in thirty-four states.

Evan McMullin is a former CIA officer with tours of duty in North Africa, East Asia and the Middle East. He holds a master’s degree in Business from the Wharton School and served as a Mormon missionary. He is only forty years old. Born in Utah, McMullin grew up in Washington State. McMullin just announced his candidacy in August, long after the primaries were already settled in the major parties. His formal declaration as a candidate for President of the United States on August 8, 2016, saying “In a year where Americans have lost faith in the candidates of both major parties, it’s time for a generation of new leadership to step up. It’s never too late to do the right thing, and America deserves much better than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can offer us. I humbly offer myself as a leader who can give millions of disaffected Americans a better choice for President.”

McMullin’s Stand on the Issues:

McMullin’s website goes into details on fifteen categories of national issues. Some of his views are below:

1. National Security – Reform the Pentagon, cut the number of civilian contractors, close unneeded and unused facilities and “rebuild the military and give our service members the tools they need to defend our freedoms and our way of life—while also protecting Americans’ hard-earned dollars.
2. Jobs and the Economy – Cut taxes for business and the middle class, entitlement reform and getting rid of burdensome regulations; and “Evan McMullin believes that America should be the best place in the world for innovation, entrepreneurship and opportunity. We must reform a system that too often benefits the politically connected and the corporate elite, while leaving too many Americans without good jobs.”
3. Education – More local control, supports school vouchers and charter schools, support homeschooled children. For post-secondary and college, Evan believes “Students and families should have more choices. Schools should have high standards and be accountable for students’ performance. State and local governments should lead the way, while intrusive and misguided federal interventions should be rolled back.”
4. America’s Role in the World – building long-term partnerships with nations that share our values, American leadership in foreign affairs, defeat of ISIS: “We must strengthen our alliances and put our friends, not our enemies, first. We must renew our focus on human rights, including the genocidal persecution of civilians in Syria and elsewhere.
5. Healthcare – Repeal Obamacare, improve Medicaid and “emphasizing competition and innovation instead of government controls, we can build a modern health care system that delivers accessible, affordable, and high-quality care. We can also protect vulnerable populations, including patients with preexisting conditions. Real healthcare reform means putting patients, families, and doctors first.”
6. “We must expand domestic energy production across the board, including natural gas, oil, nuclear, and renewables.”
7. Government Accountability – “There is too much power in Washington, centered too far away from the lives of everyday Americans. An all-powerful government centered in Washington has eroded the separation of powers in a way that is corrosive to our Republic and our Constitution. The Executive Branch now routinely creates major rules and regulations that have the force of law, adjudicates disputes, and issues fines—all on its own. Article I of the Constitution clearly states that all legislative powers belong to the people’s representatives in Congress. Power should be shifted back to the States where it is closer to the people to whom it belongs.”
8. Respect for Life – “increase support and resources to reduce unintended pregnancies and encourage adoption”
9. Poverty – Tax Credits and Wage Supplements, empowering state and local governments, support of the Earned Income Tax Credit and strengthening Medicaid.
10. Veterans – Complete overhaul of the Veteran’s Administration, requiring VA pharmacies to fill prescriptions from non-VA doctors, transparency and accountability at the VA.
11. The Second Amendment – Support citizen rights to keep and bear arms, FBI terror watch list is important tool to prevent people from having guns who should not, reform the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and turn its purpose to assisting law enforcement in the solution of gun-related crimes rather than serving as a regulatory agency and back-door gun control organization embedded inside the Federal government. Evan will also seek 50-state reciprocity for concealed carry permits.
12. Trade – Negotiate stronger trade deals and enforce the terms of existing agreements to ensure fair competition globally.
13. Immigration – Enforce existing law, no sanctuary cities, secure the border.
14. National Debt – Entitlement reform, while preserving Social Security and Medicare.
15. Religious Freedom – “Our government should not target religious groups for discrimination or marginalization based on the obligations of their faith, but instead recognize that religious diversity and robust pluralism are foundational sources of strength for our nation.”

Evan McMullin is a viable “other” candidate. The two-party system in this country is responsible for the state of America: rising poverty, 96 million Americans no longer participating in the workforce, racial divisiveness, 46 million Americans on food stamps and almost $20 trillion in debt. Again, the Patriot Institute does not endorse any candidate for any office, but it is important for voters to understand there are other choices available.

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Independent candidate for president Evan McMullin

Currently, McMullin is on the ballot in Utah, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia. While that toll is impressive for a political unknown who declared with only three months before Election Day, it still only accounts for only 84 potential electoral points out of 538.

When it comes to write-in access, McMullin has been more successful. Residents of Alabama, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin can pen him in. The additional 23 here make him eligible in 34 out of 50 states and put a potential 317 electoral points on the table for his campaign, well clear of the 270 needed to become president.

In this crazy year of presidential politics, if you feel as if you’re stuck choosing between the lesser of two evils, it is important to remember that you do have other options and are not forced to play the two-party game.

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