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Here we go again. News of yet another false allegation of sexual abuse law suit settled against Bill O’Reilly is settled.

As if news of two settled law suits against this man within a span of one year’s time isn’t enough, we find out he has settled 5 law suits against him for the same allegations over fifteen years. Now there comes a point, someone needs to find out if this man is either a creep, or just being used by some shady females trying to make a name for themselves and at the same time, making some great money on the side by taking advantage of O’Reilly’s successful career at Fox News.

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Admittedly, some would probably just say O’Reilly is a creep and not even give it a second thought. Let’s face it, Bill does sometimes come across as arrogant, demeaning to his guests on his television program, and his physical size does also intimidate some. That all aside though, the bigger picture shows that this man is a giver. He has given away hundred’s of thousands of dollars to charities over the years. Of course that doesn’t really tell us if he ever sexually harassed any women or not.

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What does tell us a lot about Mr. O’Reilly’s guilt or innocence regarding allegations of sexual harassment are several factors. One factor is, Fox News has a “hot line”, a confidential telephone number that those employee’s who feel harassed can call to report any incidents. To the credit of O’Reilly, there has never been a claim of sexual harassment made against him on or to this confidential tip line at Fox News. The other factor that takes away any legitimacy of any claim of sexual harassment unlikely against Bill O’Reilly, is the litigious culture in which we live.

We know that especially millions of women in family courts across America over the years have made false allegations of physical abuse, sexual abuse (of children) and rape against their partners, and former partners all the time. This particular use of lies and fraud by attorneys within courts is nicknamed, “the Silver Bullet.” It’s use almost one-hundred-percent guarantee’s a female’s at least a long-term, temporary possession of all personal and marital/joint property such as houses, cars, bank accounts, etc. The use of the “Silver Bullet” also guarantee’s that she will be given sole custody of any children and block the man who has false-allegations made against him, to not be allowed to be with his children for months, even years. It’s a scam and the use of the “Silver Bullet” and scam was used a few years back to even set free an accused murderer. Who can forget the infamous Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez using the “Silver Bullet”? If you do remember, Baez during Anthony’s murder trial accused Casey Anthony’s father of sexually molesting her as a child. Baez did so without fact and or evidence, but Baez did so like thousands of scumbag lawyers before him used this scam only to create doubt of guilt against his client, but at the cost of the innocent.

Like all scams, false allegations of abuse and or rape, bring in all sorts of profiteer’s who want to join in for the purpose of fleecing American taxpayers and those who are falsely accused. There is after all, massive amounts of (with Family Courts, Federal and State funding, ie. VAWA & Federal Title IV D&E fundings) taxpayer paid funds to support groups and “victim assistance” groups and Government employee’s or contractors receive from Federal, State and or Local Government fundings. Judges, Lawyers, Domestic Violence Programs, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, court reporters, court clerks, cops and many others. This doesn’t even take into account those who are falsely accused who have to cough-up money to their attorney’s courts costs, etc.

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Were you aware that Divorce Industry, which is includes all of the aforementioned profiteer’s who force their way to steal money from us, is a $50 Billion Dollar per year industry? Yes, that’s Billion, with a letter “B.” The sad fact is, money and control, not truth is at the heart of all false allegations. Bill O’Reilly was and is an easy target. The man has settled out other lawsuits for sexual lawsuits before. He is a marked man for any female employed by Fox News who becomes a disgruntled employee. Remember Gretchen Carlson? Her viewership dropped, Fox News fired her and what did Carlson do? She made false allegations of sexual harassment against O’Reilly and other men at Fox. How about Andrea Tantarous. Remember her? When she published a book without Fox’s approval(as per her contract with Fox), she was promptly fired. How did Tantarous fight back? She sued Bill O’Reilly and Fox News for sexual harassment(http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/08/23/andrea-tantaros-sues-fox-news-ensnares-bill-o-reilly-scott-brown-and-dean-cain.html).

False, Accusations, Extortion, Family Law Injustice, Injustice, Father's Rights

In America, we can tell false accusers that they’re going to Hell, but that does not end the epidemic of false accusers and liars. There must be severe consequences for men and women who partake in such destructive practices. I would highly suggest that since our justice system colludes with liars to financially profit from lies including by stealing our own hard earned tax money, we use militias to begin arresting these liars and putting them in our own jails outside the corrupted corporate Government’s jails. For the weak minded, this may seem extreme, but you may be the next victim of false allegations and the corrupted corporate Government who will use you up and throw you away. You will lose everything, you money, your property, even your “good” name will be lost forever. The time to move on locking up liars is now, while you still have a good name.

Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


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