Firing Back: A Patriot’s Viewpoint
Lynne M. Taylor

Patriots, you know you’ve come to count on me for researched truths about the foul play happening in America to our educational system.

This article is a bit different, however. I encourage you to read on, my fellow Citizens.

His Opinion:

Recently, one of America’s supposedly most opinionated columnists spouted off about mandatory national service. His name? Mark Shields. His editorial? Right here.

While this editorial has been featured across the globe since it published on 3/24/17, it was3 days later it surfaced in one of the local newspapers. I happened to see it while visiting my mother in her hospice room.

To say I was angered, would be an understatement.  I was furious.

Mr. Shields, in his opinion, feels Americans should serve mandatory 2 year service periods. These years can be a choice between civil service or military service.

Here’s an excerpt, “mandatory two-year national service — civilian or military — is imperative to help us understand the responsibility, as well as the rights, of citizenship and build our connections with our fellow citizens.

Two years, with no deferments and no exemptions. We could choose to serve in the Peace Corps, Marine Corps, police corps, teacher corps or another civil-service organization.

But of this I am sure: Universally shared service would make us all better Americans and our country a better America.”
Patriots, think about it, “Mandatory volunteering” is an impossibility. Forcing Americans to serve in the civil sector or the military sector removes every bit of our freedom to choose what we should pursue in our lives. We are guaranteed ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ in our U.S. Constitution, NOT mandatory collectivist socialism! Look at the featured picture. Alexander Hamilton’s words are more true now than ever before.
Also, Hamilton’s words point out how un-American the suggestion of mandatory national service is.

Sadly, Shields is far from alone in the opinion of what Americans should do with their free time. Should we be surprised? Not really. Shields’ employer is the global-loving-Common-Core-backing-ESSA* supplier, PBS (as in the Public Broadcasting Service)

*Every Student Succeeds Act

My Research:
, in a visual summary, here’s what the modern Common Core, global education reform shows. Click on the image, to enlarge, if needed.
(*Note: source of image, without emphasis can be found here.)

Now, go back and apply Shields’ concept of national service.

Collectivism plays directly into how our educational resources are being written. The socialist ideology has also begun to become more noticeable.

Ask Patriot Parents about the homework they see. American values have been replaced with ‘globalism’, ‘socialism’, or  other ‘isms’, rather than Americanism!

Patriots, if you aren’t sure just how dangerous the ideas of Dewey and his followers are, go back and read what Mark Shields chose to write about. His opinion, obviously, is wide-spread. That means his idea of mandatory national service has sprouted. Will it continue to take root, though? If we do nothing, yes. If we allow the Mark Shields, John Deweys, and, more like them, to drown our dissents/protests/facts;then, surely collective socialism will take over America.

Listen to my short radio interview were I connect the push to conform everyone using one tool: education.

A Reformist:

If you’ve been tracking the educational system’s demise in America, you can trace much back to Dewey. You can also trace most of the modern reform to one man: Bill Gates. His money, his solidarity with the United Nations, and his influence has done more to ruin American education than probably any other one person.

If you’ve missed his take on the “New Socialism”, you’ll have missed it’s not so much the 1950s definition, but, rather applying socialism to the digital world we live in.
How does this impact modern education reform and help breed conformists? 
Computers and digital learning. Personalized learning is the code phrase.

If there’s one thing Gates knows, it’s computers. See how his company is tied to the personalized learning in your State (Conforms to ESSA’s mandates, too).

So, What’s A Patriot To Do?

1) Read Shields’ article
2) Read your Constitution
3) Listen to my interview
4) Contact your local, State, and federal level authorities 
5) Find out what’s being taught in your schools and other educationally relevant places
6) Get fired up and end the educratic, globalistic mind-rape of Americans


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