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Here’s some information about "Climate Change" formally known as "Global Warming”!

Those of us who went to school when things were actually taught about science. ..would KNOW that the climate has ALWAYS CHANGED...since the beginning of time!

Ice caps have advanced...And ice caps have receded.

There are just as many scientists who will debunk "MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING" as there are those who support this flawed theory and many of the early proponents of this theory are now admitting they were wrong.

Actually the earth’s temperature has only gone up about 1° or so over past decades.

AND.. the warmer climate...actually leads to longer growing cycles which benefits food production.

We have ALSO learned over the past few years that their methods for even gathering the data to support their bogus claims were flawed. They set up their equipment in the sun on asphalt parking lots, roofs and other places which would facilitate the results they wanted.

IN THE MEANTIME...FOLLOW THE MONEY...and watch who's making money off this scare.

Al Gore, Climate Change, Global, Global Warming, Carol Byers, The Patriot Institute

NOTE... how AL GORE & the climate change proponents all have HUGE HOUSES consuming huge amounts of energy and they FLY AROUND in their PRIVATE JETS all the while urging us to ride our bikes or walk to work and cut down on our use of energy. While they “buy” carbon credits…whatever those are…to offset their own waste of energy!

FOLLOW THE MONEY...and see who's making it!

Wind energy is impractical because that only works when the wind is blowing which is only about 20% of the time. The rest of the time the windmills are useless ugly things killing millions of birds each year! Solar energy is impractical because there is no way to store it!

About 8 years ago...around the Great Lakes region... they proudly unveiled a house designed totally with solar power & wind energy...EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE WAS FROZEN!

REMEMBER IN THE 1980's.... These SAME ALARMISTS told us ALL OUR FORESTS were dying because of "acid rain"???

ALSO NOTE....As the alarmists discovered the temperature actually had really not risen a significent amount....these GLOBAL WARMING PROPONENTS changed the name to "CLIMATE CHANGE"...which has been happening ever since the very beginning!


By Carol Byers
Patriot Institute Contributor

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