Frankly Speaking: Catch Phrases
Third in a Series Featuring the Writings of Dr. Frank Crane

Patriots, in my first two articles in this series, I laid out for you some words of wisdom which could easily fit modern America. In the first article, Dr. Frank Crane’s view of what meddling can do in life and government. I applied it to the federal meddling in American education. In the second article, we looked at Dr. Crane’s wisdom of the importance of true critical thinking. We see played out, daily, pre-determined classes and courses which take out  critical thinking and replace it with a competency based education. The results? A trained worker, not a free thinker.

If you missed either, or wish to read them again:

In today’s article, we’ll learn how those catchy phrases and buzzwords applied to education spell big trouble for Patriots across the nation.



Catch Phrases Then/Now:

From Dr. Crane’s 1919, Four Minute Essays Series, Volume 4; Page 124 begins his thoughts on “Catch-Phrases”.
He begins with this quote, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but principally by catch-phrases,” said Robert Louis Stevenson. Dr. Crane continues, “It is troublesome to think. The catch-phrase is ‘ready-made thought’. Most people prefer it to their own.”

A question to you, my fellow Patriots: How much of what you say is a catch phrase? Do you simply repeat a popular saying just because it fits the situation or because it’s a quick and easy solution to avoid more thought?

A question we, as Patriots, need to ask of our governing leaders: Do you really understand those catch phrases you use as answers to the tough problems you are accountable for? (An example would be former President Truman’s ‘The buck stops here.’  The idea is to suggest responsibility and accountability in government. In more modern times it has suggested a money trail. The reality? It was a heavy paper weight on Truman’s desk.)

Patriots, all to often, we find ourselves deceived by others with these types of carefully chosen words.

So, what else does Dr. Crane reveal about our attraction to catch phrases?
“Multitudes live and die in sweet faith in a darling catch-phrase that is not true at all, or, what is worse, is half-true.”

Patriots, how often have we heard the lies and catch phrases of  reformers, especially where education is concerned?! A prime example is the catch phrase “Common Core is dead”. This phrase has been spoken many times and in many different ways. This suggestion has been made several times since the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) was made into law (Dec. 2015). However, massive amounts of research have proven exactly the opposite. Common Core is NOT dead, it just got a new name/names!

With ESSA, come some catch phrases carefully chosen to deceive us as a nation. Those of us who’ve combed through the Law have reported the fallacies. Yet, the education spin doctors keep spreading the ‘more local control, less federal control’ message. Why? In my researched opinion, it is to distract us from the real agenda: a transformed America! An America where we are not ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’,  rather, ‘the land of the aligned and home of the enslaved’.

The reason I’m focusing on the ‘more local control’ catch phrase is simply this. The way the Law is written education control is ‘returned’ to the States for them to decide what’s best. However, in this ‘return’ are all kinds of decisions the States will have to make that they’ve not had to in the past! Since, it will almost certainly set each State up to have a hard time in figuring out what to do, the Law has ‘handily’ provided federal guidance (aka federal mandates) tied to federal funds. So much for locality. So much for each State making its own decisions.

Dr. Crane described such a set up for failure like this, To overwhelm the citizen with responsibility for a mass of administrative detail is to throw, automatically, the government into the hands of the grafters.” A bit later, he follows this with, “Senators are all owned by Big Business; newspapers are all controlled from the business office.” He closes this essay on catch phrases with this gem, “Don’t do your thinking in prepared pills. Don’t eat intellectual canned goods exclusively.”


Patriots, ESSA purposefully is meant to overwhelm everyone!  The students are overwhelmed with a poor education; the teachers are overwhelmed with being associated with such poor educational offerings. The parents are overwhelmed because they are seeing changes they do not support, yet no one listens to their cries. The legislators are overwhelmed with lobbyists pushing for education reform; almost no time to conduct due process, and taxpayers ready to revolt.

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT knows this! It’s the ‘perfect’ Draconian set-up! Create a law, push it through, sell it as a saving grace for your nation, and then when it all falls apart, rush in and once again rescue “we the people”.

When it comes to education, Patriots, do not, under any circumstances ‘think in prepared pills’. Part of the most effective education reform we’ve seen is the conditioning to not think freely at all, but to conform.




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