“Frankly Speaking: Christmas Education”
The final installment of the Dr. Frank Crane Essays

Season’s Greetings, Patriots! In this last look at Dr. Crane’s wisdom, While education is the focus of all I write, I’m adding a bit of Christmas as well. Why? To make a point. Joy and wisdom are educational protectors.

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Christmas Cheer:



In the above screen shot, (click to enlarge), the good doctor wrote that Christmas is the protest of the human race against gloom. Christmas means the supreme fact about life, namely: that it is joyful. He also goes on to say that the ultimate victory of mankind is the ability to laugh and play.

I most heartily agree. This is why I fight so hard against the federal overreach in American education. It is not filled with laughter and play. It does not celebrate joy very much. It does, especially through the twists and turns of the Congressional moves and private funds, multiply depression and gloom, as well as put commonality above personality.


Christmas Jeer:

Common Core is no present. It’s been stated that the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) becoming a federal law was a tremendous Christmas present to our nation. ESSA brings us the same ‘gift’, it’s just been re-branded as “College and Career Readiness” or “Challenging State Academic Standards”. Think of Scrooge’s stingy behavior and you have a great image for how ‘successful’ American education has become.

I am vehemently in opposition of the federal overreach in education. Why? It is full of deceit. ESSA does not return education to the States (as is rightfully theirs per our U.S. Constitution). However, we can discuss this juggernaut in 2017, after our Congress begins the new year. We can also pick up our discussion of how ANY education reform closely or loosely related to Common Core is also no gift to our nation.

In the vein of Dr. Crane’s wisdom and words, I’d rather spend our Christmas wisdom on WHAT REALLY MATTERS in education: people.

Christmas Joy:

Patriots, take the time, this Christmas to laugh, to play. Be sure to gather those you love and hug them a bit tighter. Sing together, even if it’s off-key or you miss a word or two. Unplug from the news channels (even if it’s just for a few hours) and tune in to each other. Get outdoors and enjoy nature. Read Dr. Crane’s original Christmas works and talk about how the times haven’t changed so much.

In the new year, we will have plenty of Patriot time to fight this War Against Common Core. For just a little while, we have our children at home. Cherish them as they are. Love them completely. Give each other the gift of unity, no matter what’s in store.

Building up each other to experience a joy that isn’t ruined by a false education? That’s a tremendous gift we can give each other!

For Dr. Crane’s first Christmas essay:
Indestructibility of Joy

For his second one (the one featured in the first screen shot):
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Patriots, have a tremendous season! Happy wishes to all.


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