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Frankly Speaking: Meddling Government is NOT a new problem for the Patriots of America!
Above is a featured portion of a 1924 Houston, TX newspaper. Click on the image to enlarge it. You’ll find a very wise author. His name? Dr. Frank Crane. (Access the entire article, I’ve even highlighted ‘meddling’ so you can spot the article easier):

What Dr. Crane shared in his article all those years ago, STILL rings true for us in 2016.

So, Who Was Dr. Crane?

According to the scant facts I’ve been able to find, this Dr. Crane, was quite the accomplished author. Back in the day, his work reached 15 million readers across America. See:

He also wrote a series of books titled “Four Minute Essays”. I am honored to hold 2 volumes of this 10 book series. While I’ve not read every one of the speeches in my pair of books, I have read enough to know that I’m a fan of his work. He was practical, he was firm, and he was very much a Patriot.


Applying the Past to the Present:

Just like the above screen shot, I’ll be taking some of Dr. Crane’s speeches and applying his patriotic message to our educational demise of 2016. Today’s article is the first in a series of  “Education and Its Meddling Government”,  so please be sure to check back soon for the next installment.


Other ‘Meddling’ Words:

Did Dr. Frank Crane have any other wise Patriot words in the 1924 article? Below you’ll find a ‘then’ and ‘now’ comparison, while this can apply to the federal overreach in education, they can also apply to other areas.:

 THEN                                                                                          NOW

   Meddling was a crime of personal nosiness.                            Meddling has become a ‘right’ of government.
Regulating others is like a wildfire; all consuming.                Government is seeking more regulations.
Meddling (aka: minding other’s business) was tacky.           Government is making data collection mandatory.
Meddling was the worst way to break a genius’ spirit.          Government led education ruins a love for learning.
Meddling encouraged finger pointing and blame games.                    No change due to human nature.
Best government? Less meddling, more freedom.                                   No change due to human desire.
“Modern” efforts in teaching: help kids grow.                          Government led teaching: test scores, rankings.


Like the sands on the beaches, our educational freedoms are being endangered every day the federal control in education is allowed to exist.

Patriots, Beware:

Don’t be fooled, Every Student Achieves Act, does NOT give the States their sovereignty back for control in what should be locally led education. This should be every Patriot’s concern!! The march for federal control in education does not simply apply to traditional K-12 schools, it is to control every citizen from birth to retirement! Would we, the modern Patriot, wish to have the government meddle in what we do for a living?! NO!

So, join me, be frank, call ‘meddling in education’ what it is: A CRIME!

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