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Freedom of speech is the foundation of our liberty here in America.  Thankfully, the silent majority finally found its voice and spoke out against the abuse of power, the complete disregard of our  Constitution, the corruption and the out-of-control spending of our Federal Government.

Americans went to the polls in record numbers on November 8 and  voted overwhelmingly to reject and repudiate all the radical leftist ideals perpetrated by the  far-left progressives during the past 8 years!

However, winning the election was just the beginning as  far-left progressive Socialists in both parties have shown they refuse to accept defeat!  They were not used to Americans speaking out against their Socialist policies and they’re doing their best to retain the power they had and to negate the outcome of the election with their constant barrage of lies, media attacks, and smears!  They never miss a chance to attack, degrade,  ignore or vilify President Trump and everyone in his Administration!

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Since the advent of FOX NEWS, cable news, talk radio and the internet…we are no longer just  “spoon fed”  what these far-left progressives and their “drive-by media” want us to know!  With the advent of these alternative news sources,  we can quickly find out what’s really going on.  This  is  driving the far-left wild since  they can no longer control what we see, hear & learn.

For decades now, these radical forces have been at work to “fundamentally” change our Country and to undermine its Constitutional foundations.  As a result, our rights  have been steadily eroded. Our culture and morals have been successfully degraded as well.  Christianity’s under constant attack because they cannot accomplish their goals in a Christian nation!

Through the years, as these radical left progressives came into positions of power, they have successfully used our own laws against us in order to further their socialist agenda and to seize more power!

“Political Correctness”…has been one of their most effective tools in silencing us. Through “political correctness” they have effectively shut  down free speech and  any opposition to what they were doing by claiming we were racists, bigots, narrow-minded and bitter clingers!

President George Washington warned…”If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb & silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter!”


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