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The question that is now before us is will new Chief of Staff Kelly bring a semblance of order to the White House?? It is desperately needed as we all know. It has been under chaos.

The backstabbing that we have been witnessing had continued to grow and grow. With General Kelly in charge it is order that we will see. And what about the MOOCH? Will he be able to tone down his insanity?

I have to be honest about something. He initially impressed me but quickly I learned that he was so full of himself he actually lost his mind. His profanity laced tirade against Priebus and Bannon was you might say a tad too unkind. If he pulls that crap on Kelly he will be kicked out the door and out of the job. Hey, MOOCH, clean your act out. You work for our President. You ain’t working for the MOB!!

Our President has great respect for General Kelly. It can prove to be a turning point for this beleaguered Administration. The excessive leaking has caused such angst and much frustration. Getting rid of Priebus will help immeasurably. I never trusted Reince. I still believe he did his share of leaking if you ask me. He is and always will be a poster boy for the dreaded Establishment. The failure of the Healthcare repeal sealed his fate. A complete makeover was necessary after a rather very long wait. Now if there can be some changes in the Congressional leadership that would come as much needed relief. Never have I seen such incompetence. It truly brings me such inordinate grief.

For a long while we have seen many conflicting messages sent. They have been contradictory. It has hurt this President and has ‘ruffled feathers’ from this GOP. There are limits to be sure that can be fixed by the new Chief of Staff. He is a very disciplined man and unlike his predecessor who was prone to gaffe after gaffe. Kelly comes in at a time in which the Repeal failed miserably and add to that MOOCH’s profanity and last but not least is our DON’S ban on Transgenders serving in the military. If he is allowed to maybe the General can right all of the things that have gone so wrong. Our President has selected a man who who is highly capable and strong. Time will tell if he can get the job done in an atmosphere that has been pure hell. Methinks that he will do rather well.

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