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It feels so good to wake up this morning knowing Obama is out of the oval office. I haven’t woke up feeling safe or feeling proud in 2,920 days knowing we had a race baiting, dividing, muslim traitor snake in the highest seat in the land. I hope Americans have learned a lesson from the last 8 years. You can not sit idly by and watch the takeover of our beloved country and then decide to do something about it the final 2 minutes of the game and expect to win.

It was ONLY by the hand of God Himself that this election even took place and it was only through His divine intervention that Trump even won. It wasn’t the Russians hacking the election. It wasn’t because Hillary screwed herself with her endless crime spree.It wasn’t wikileaks. It wasn’t the emails and it wasn’t even your votes. It was the prayers and pleas of all the people to our Father in Heaven that won this election and that alone is why we are where we are today.

Remember, nothing happens unless God WANTS IT to happen. Even Obama and his presidency was all part of the plan. Things had to get worse in order to wake people up and make things better. It was through the desperate calls to our creator for help that made all this possible. God blessed us with the spirit to rise up and take back this country through His network of believers.

So when you wake up today and read this and see the hope we have again today, make sure you thank the Lord and praise Him for all the good works He has done because without Him….Hillary Clinton would be your President today.

Praise you Father and thank you once again for answering our nations prayers. May your grace not go unnoticed and please continue to protect our country and may we please you with thanks through works that are good. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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  1. L. JULIAN 3 years ago

    So True. Hopefully now God will bless us with His protection from all the enemies now inside our borders.

  2. Susan Fouts 3 years ago

    Amen. What a wonderful article. I’m very thankful to God for working every thing out.

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