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The Presidential Election of 2016 was completely opposite the 2008 election in every way. The Republicans were now given control over all 3 branches of government.  However, as we pass President Trump’s 100 day marker, in spite of total Republican control, not one of President Trump’s campaign promises have been implemented yet!  President Trump has done all he can without the help of Congress, but he is limited in what he can do alone!

During the election of 2008 the Democrats won all 3 branches of Government. Within days of Obama’s Presidential Inauguration in 2009, the Democrats were already working on implementing Obama’s radical leftist policies!  Policies which apparently the Democrats had all ready to go…even before the inauguration.

For the first 2 years of Obama’s term, the Republicans were unable to stop the Democrats as they did not control a single branch of government!  Obama quickly pointed out that the Republicans had lost and were consequently powerless to stop anything the Democrats now intended to do.

The sidelined Republicans maintained that they “must” have the House of Representatives in order to be able to do anything to stop the Democrats.

Americans, troubled by Obama’s destructive Socialist policies, gave Republicans control of  the House of Representatives during the mid-term election of 2010.   This now gave the Republicans complete control over ALL spending!

At any time after that, Republicans could have stopped Obamacare simply by defunding it by not allocating the money necessary to implement it.  This would have brought Obamacare to a screeching halt!  Yet, for reasons unknown, the Republicans failed to use this power.

It now turns out that in spite of the fact that Republicans have had the past 8 years to come up with a replacement for Obamacare, they have failed to even formulate a single plan to replace Obamacare.

During the last election, the Republicans were given a huge mandate.  But, we  learn now that the  Republicans  in the House have just passed another “ temporary”  budget which still funds Obamacare,  Planned Parenthood and  other programs… yet fails to include any funding for the border wall or any other promises which swept them into office!

They’re still fearful of being “blamed for a government shutdown”!   Keep in mind, government shutdowns only affect non-essential employees and do not ever affect welfare, social security or the military!  It’s mostly office workers, park workers, etc. which are, in effect, being given paid vacations since these workers actually get paid for their “time off” when they return to work!

Even without an actual law in place eliminating Obamacare,  Planned Parenthood or other bloated socialist programs the Republicans in the House of Representatives can stop these programs at any time simply by NOT funding them.  Yet, they still refuse to do anything!

It seems President Trump’s now being hampered by members of his own party.  We must now ask ….WHY?


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