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The cost of too many lawyers in government is the excessive loss of our freedoms. When less than 1/2 percent of the population control over half of our government.

Nearly eight hundred thousand lawyers are employed by the federal government. The average salary of $126,500 per year plus roughly another $40,000 in benefits adds up to well over $2,000,000,000 (billion) a year of our hard earned tax dollars being used to regulate, conform and otherwise strip us of our constitutional rights. We have a government that is top heavy with lawyers who also routinely ignore the God-given constitutional rights of the citizens. This does not include the unconstitutional levies forced upon “We the People” by them without a single vote from Congress.
An army of these white collar thugs work for the EPA, which falls far short of passing any serious constitutional challenge assuming the Supreme Court Justices only used the Constitution itself to render a decision as constitutional. The EPA was established by a presidential executive order which was and still is unconstitutional.

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The federal government spends $2 Billion on attorneys annually

Furthermore there is no provision in the constitution that allows this to legally happen without the prior consent of Congress and the ratification by 75% of the sovereign state legislatures of this nation. The constitutional power to regulate environmental issues clearly belongs to each state absent the proper constitutional approval. This is a clear picture of a legal profession that has long ago abandoned the simple application of Our Constitution to self empowerment and service of their own industry over the rights of We The People.

The legal profession on balance has abandoned constitutional law in favor of precedence of law in which they are the creators. This is clearly dangerous when applied against the rights of the people and also of their sovereign states of residence.

There is no constitutional allowance for the department that we know today as the Department of Health and Human Services, which is the same department that is tasked with the implementation “Obamacare”, has similarly bypassed the correct constitutional requirements to have formed it. The states were never involved in the creation nor did they ratify it.
Another example of the legal profession ignoring and overstepping the sovereign rights we are endowed with. The result is we have an unconstitutional department implementing a law if it had been truly put under only a constitutional challenge devoid of any legal precedence, could not be destroying millions of law abiding american lives. I can find no where in Our Constitution that gives any federal standing to these actions without the 75% approval of the sovereign states.

I could go on with several other departments illegally formed and therefore unconstitutional. Those who are determined to strip US of our rights and therefore to ultimately claim full control and dominance of our lives first depend on US being wholly uneducated in the knowledge and more importantly ability and will to preserve our individual freedoms and rights. They also depend on a great segment of our people to willingly relinquish their rights in favor of hopes of security.

I will quote Benjamin Franklin, one of the most famous of Our Founding Fathers. “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”
The challenge at hand is for each and everyone of US to self educate ourselves and our families in not only our rights as citizens, but also our duties necessary to preserve and protect them. My suggestion is a short little book that I am in the process of reading for the third time entitled “I Want My Country Back, We Must Stand United Again” well written by Jon W.Colson. I plan on rereading it until ALL the principles are permanently etched in my brain.

If you love your freedom you will love this book, if you love your family you will love this book, if you truly are a patriotic American you will love this book. Become educated, motivated and be only willing to settle for your full freedom and rights given to US over two hundred years ago.

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Government lawyers are more intent on crushing our freedoms than upholding justice

Lawyers occupy over 53% of elected legislative offices across this nation, maybe now you fully understand the need to radically change not only the face of Congress but also the faces in nearly every state legislature as well. Only a handful of states are currently standing up and fighting for our rights.

The purpose of National Vote Out Incumbents is to return the control of government to the governed and bring commonsense back to America.

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