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I think that after the results of this election that we need to pause and take 5 minutes each and listen to Red Skelton explain the Pledge of Allegiance. I grew up saying this EVERYDAY in school. My first four grades were spent in High Wycombe, Bucks, England where my dad was stationed at USAF High Wycombe in the Air Force. We lived there from 1960-64.

We prayed in class, we were taught about Jesus. The students in my classes were Catholic, Protestant and Jewish. We were taught our Christian heritage as a nation. Historical facts that cannot be intelligently denied, but today are We were taught the meaning behind the pledge, we were taught patriotism. We understood that we were by the grace of God privileged to be American. We were taught the evils of communism and socialism.

That was before the US Supreme Court unconstitutionally removed the Bible and prayer from our schools. They wholly ignored our very founding as a nation, They wholly ignored the explanations of our Founding Fathers. They wholly ignored as I was taught in grade school that the first book to roll off the first government presses was the Aitken’s Bible. They began to ignore that part of the purpose of the First Amendment was to forbid the federal government from mandating a state religion as was the case for many of those who first came to our great nation only seeking the right to worship as they deemed correct. They ignored that our Unalienable Rights came from God and not man. That US Supreme Court decision, a group of nine flawed men had more power than God the Creator of our Liberty and freedom and also our great nation.

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America’s Founders were spiritual men.

If we do not return to the roots of our establishment as a nation, we will suffer the fate of every great society before US. We will be destroyed by the enemy within our very borders. The senseless protesting we are seeing in the streets. The same type of protests that were encouraged by the divisive rhetoric of President Obama in Ferguson, Missouri and many places since bear witness to the results of taking away our founding principles and leaving a void of conscience and purpose in our nation. Friends we are in the midst of this attack today. Who loves this nation and God enough to stand up against it?

Our nation survived WWII because of our faith in God not because of our denial of God. Every soldier was issued a Bible in training with an inscription written by President Franklin Roosevelt exhorting each man to read it whenever and wherever possible and that our hopes of victory lain in the Hands of God. For this very reason and our love of God and Country we have joined in unity with the Patriot Institute, to provide the history and values that our nation was founded upon. To unite patriots from every state, county and town across this nation. To provide the history and knowledge that gives our patriotism meaning. To train up future political candidates with the same as well as a strong knowledge of the US Constitution, the limited duty and authority of the federal government by this treasured document and not the lies we have been getting from our courts. Candidates who will know that they are servants of the people who select, vet and then elect them. This is how we are going to clean out the swamp in all halls of government across this fruited plain. This is how we are going to restore this nation, one patriot at a time and one patriot to another.

By Michael Bowman
Patriot Institute Columnist

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