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Yes, in this month’s article, I ask a question to you, the everyday person, not the wealthy, nor of the usual questions to the Governments, the Cops, Courts, etc. No, this month my question belongs to you. A question that does in fact belong to you; Why do you allow Governments to kill children like Charlie Gard?
You may be answering my question by responding to yourself, “this guy is crazy, I’ve never allowed my or any other children to be killed by the Government and or anyone else.” But my friend you may very well have allowed the death of children, not only by the thousands, but by the millions. Now your mind may go racing to the thinking of millions of children murdered through abortion, but that is not at all what I am referring to. I am however referring instead to the millions of children in the U.S., U.K., and elsewhere in the West just like Charlie Gard, whose illness or simply for the reason of being alive, have brought them to be taken, stolen, allowed to die at the hands of evil and corrupted Governments and their courts.
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Now if you haven’t heard the story of Charlie Gard, It doesn’t shock me. After all, what news agency here in the U.S or West really gives attention to another dying child in the hands of our Governments these days? As I shared in my published book, ‘Dear God, Where Is My Justice?’, the media in the West often purposely hides and manipulates the horrendous acts that our Governments and Courts take against children and families. So it is completely understandable that you may not have heard that even Donald Trump has asked baby Charlie to be allowed to come here to the U.S for experimental treatment so he may live.
Although you may not have heard of Charlie and his parent’s plight, make no mistake about it, what little Charlie Gard and his parents represents as far as the U.K Government Courts and their so called Court decision of “the best interest of the child” is much, much more than simply a erroneously decision by the court. No, Charlie and his case are representative of what not only millions of parents in the U.K have also suffered, but millions more parents and families have also suffered here in the United States as well. Let me repeat to you what I just shared and written in my book and also repeated in the last paragraph so that you really understand what is going on here, “the media in the west often purposely hides and manipulates the horrendous acts that our Governments and Courts take against children and families.” You may not know or even wish to know that our Governments have destroyed nearly every Natural Right and decision making that parents have over their children, but the fact still remains that media and apathetic citizens both equally often enable Governments to insure that only the Governments and their courts continue to destroy the Natural Rights of every parent alive today.
 Governments, Government, Healthcare, Government Healthcare
Now I have a suspicion that many of you reading this article not only knew and know about the Governments in the West destroying parental rights, but you also knew and are equally aware that the media by-and-large are also colluding with our Governments and their often times corrupted courts to destroy parental rights. That said, I have to ask, to what degree are you enabling Government and their destructive courts to kill not only little Charlie Gard, but also the millions of other children and their parents being victimized by corrupted and evil Governments and their courts? If you know that our evil Governments and their corrupted courts are sending our children and parents to their deaths, why aren’t you taking drastic actions to end this atrocity?
Somehow, I have a suspicion that you are already aware that the Divorce Industry alone in the United States is a 50 Billion Dollar per year conglomerate. I have also have a feeling that you are equally aware that every week here in America, hundreds of children are taken from parents and families from Child Protective Services, Police, Family Courts, Domestic Violence Programs and that you, the tax payer give to each each entity, Billions of your hard earned Tax Dollars every year for every child taken. You are evidently knowledgeable that there is a built-in financial incentive to “legally kidnap” as many children by our State/County Government’s and their Courts paid out by you? Yes, your Federal Tax Dollars here in America pay for what has been termed as a “Kids for cash scheme and scam.” But what have you done to end such a Government and Court run scam?
Governments, Charlie Gard, Donald Trump, Government, Judges, Healthcare, Government Healthcare
The responsibility of so much power to not only steal and rob children from their parents and also strip away the Natural Rights of parents to bring-up their children, rests entirely on the people who have allowed such wicked and evil politicians and courts to be put in place. In America as well as in then U.K and West, millions of parents and their children have been given up to be sacrificed on the alter of the all mighty Dollar and Political power of the elite. The few in number of elitists who sit in the Government and their Courts have made themselves into what they believe are equal to as gods. “Gods” to literally make life and death decisions over your lives. Congratulations America, U.K. and the West, you are no longer people, you have allowed yourself to become chattel to be bought, sold and traded on the open Government/Court slave markets by mere human beings who have in their sick agenda, made themselves into make-believe gods.
So as it currently stands, like animals being helplessly led to the slaughterhouse, you and your children will have your fate of life or death decided not by you, the individual, but by Governments and their demonic, corrupted courts. While some victimized parents will most certainly wave their arms at you to gain your attention and help, you will do what you most likely have done for years, just ignore these parents who have been wronged by the Government you so hate and forever complain about. The parents who you ignore? they will go out and uselessly protest against corrupted courts for wrongfully taking their children and then selling them to the pharmaceutical companies as guinea pigs for medication trials much like what occurred to Justina Pelletier(remember her???). Sadly, many of you, even after reading this article will continue to send your children to your public schools where evil minded “teachers” will instruct your children to rebel against your authority, show your kindergartners how to use a condom, female teachers will rape your sons and oh yes, your school’s teachers will continue to teach your children that every godless sin of this world is appropriate to participate in because God of the Bible doesn’t exist, but yet allow Muslim students to have their own prayer rooms in schools.
Yes, you allowed Government to kill children like Charlie Gard. In fact, it looks like many of you have allowed Government to also kill your children and or grandchildren as well. Question is, what will you do to reverse that course?
Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller ~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor


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