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How many 100s or billions are you putting into healthcare each year? Well before Obamacare started failing so openly badly; in 2014 the CBO said the cost of Obamacare from 2015 to 2024
(about 9 years) would be over 2 trillion dollars. I wonder what the cost really would be if Democrats would get what they want and keep pumping more and more money into it? Let us look at some commonsense.

Republicans, look at the numbers. That was estimated to be more than 200 Billion dollars a year in 2014 before it started losing and needing so much more money pumped in.

It has been assumed that there were never more than; some say 10, others say 20 million people who suffer from chronic lack of health coverage.

HHS just did a study on Ted Cruz Health Freedom amendment and found that it would cut the cost of insurance coverage to less that 1/ 3rd the cost of Obamacare immediately. down to and average of less than$300 a month. So let go ahead and say $3,000 dollars a year.

** So what would be the cost for 10 million people chronically without healthcare?
** What would be the cost for 20 million

This would be 300 billion in 10 years
600 BILLION for 20 million people.

Was not the point to insure these very people? Then who all is getting paid so much that now 2 trillion is not enough?

Healthcare, Health Insurance, GOP Healthcare Plan, American Health Insurance, GOP, Republicans, Donald Trump

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Go back to free markets as the HHS study shows that free markets work. Insure these 20 million if you like. But a much better way is simple. This is not about INSURERS in the long run. It is about HEALTH TREATMENT. under Obamacare many have insurance but cannot get health treatment because of the deductible.

Are senators and representatives, so connected with insurers and lobbyists that they simply cannot sure up the law so that everyone is covered.

Make it clearly settled in law, if needed, that all health facilities must take potential patients who come to them and cannot turn them down for lack of insurance or ability to pay. A special government account that could work with states could be set up, so that those giving health treatment do not have to wait longer than the average time to receive compensation for their efforts. Then those so treated MUST set up a Health saving account, that they own and pay back (Pre-tax) what he or she is able.

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