“Is Higher Ed in America Dead?”
A look at the UN-led reform via Congress in post-secondary education

By Lynne M. Taylor

 I’m sure most of us will identify that higher education CAN be a great thing for some people. Today, there are several forms of ‘higher education’.
In 2018, long-standing 4 year colleges and universities have been joined by 2 year colleges, for-profit higher education schools, specialty skilled-based higher education schools (formerly known as vocational technical schools/for-profit trade schools, etc.), on-line schools, and, hybrid higher education options.

We can trace America’s 4 year higher education institutions (colleges/universities) back to shortly after the Pilgrims became residents. ( click here for the Source)

The 2 year versions of college (junior colleges/community colleges/some hybrid courses) have been with us since the Land Grant Act (Morrill Act) of 1862. (click here for the Source)

As far as the for-profit post-secondary schools, their purpose was cemented in the educational landscape thanks to the 1972 re-authorization of the 1965 HEA (Higher Education Act). (Source, page 5)

Patriots, let’s pause for a moment. Until 1965, higher education hadn’t received the federal overreaching attention it did when President Johnson decided Americans needed BOTH a Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) AND a Higher Education Act (HEA). ESEA was part of President Johnson’s “War on Poverty”, while HEA was an answer to his ‘Great Society Domestic Agenda’.  (ESEA source/HEA source)

While President Johnson’s groundwork was actually carried out by Congress, it’s easy to see that LBJ took his ‘commander-in-chief’ role very seriously. It’s also interesting to note that during Johnson’s speech upon signing the HEA into law, he had these words about education,

“I want to make it dear once and for all, here and now, so that all that can see can witness and all who can hear can hear, that the Federal Government–as long as I am President–intends to be a partner and not a boss in meeting our responsibilities to all the people. The Federal Government has neither the wish nor the power to dictate education. We can point the way. We can offer help. We can contribute to providing the necessary and needed tools. But the final decision, the last responsibility, the ultimate control, must, and will, always rest with the local communities.” (source can be found here)

Patriots, I encourage to read the rest of what LBJ said that day back in 1965. When you do, you’ll see that the present-day ‘fruit’ of his seeds has turned into a disaster. Why shouldn’t it? The ‘seeds’ LBJ sowed were not as pure as the driven snow! Evidence suggests (quite heavily) that LBJ’s agenda for collectivism was clear, if you were really looking. Take his words from 1963, when he addressed the United Nations following President Kennedy’s death.
Basically, Patriots, he committed the USA to total UN partnership in ALL areas of our lives, including education!

(Click the picture, choose ‘open in new tab’, and you will be able to have a much bigger, clearer image)

There was a collective mindset which accompanied BOTH the ESEA and the HEA. That collectivism has followed education ever since. One of my ‘go-to’ resources for putting the UN context in American education is Berit Kjos’s excellent booklet “A Common Core for a Global Community”. In her research, she’d laid out for you the 100 year progressive trail to our educational demise. If you’ve never read it, or, it’s been a while since you have, it is well worth it.
In fact, order some copies of her booklet. They are super affordable and compact enough to be handed to every legislative serving person you know who is fighting to save America. I have done this and it works!

Congress’s UN likeness:

Fast forward to 2018, and the collective mindset is rampant in education. Elementary and secondary schools are telling students to not have best friends; students are being taught what to think, not how to think; and more. The collectivism is live and well in America thanks to our consistent partnership with the UN (United Nations). As far as Congressional sessions go, since Johnson’s time, each session has produced a plethora of educational nightmares which hardly reflect America, but some global, collective purpose. Take the evidence here which shows the Congressional abuse being handed down to our children. Patriots, remember, no matter the age, your child is YOURS

Higher education is on the SAME track as the K-12th agenda. The UN has done a ‘bang up job’ of infiltrating our classrooms (of all school choices and at every level).

So, what is the current session of Congress doing to higher education? They are NOT preserving the greatness of America! I urge you to listen in on January 25th, to the U.S. Senate HELP’s Committee hearings. The first on is at 10 AM and will ‘discuss’ S 615, The Higher Education Innovation Act (Senate’s re-authorization legislation). The 2nd hearing is to nominate a new Asst. Secretary of Education in the U.S. Dept. of Education.

The U.S. House’s Education and Workforce Committee has passed their re-authorization version. It’s called the PROSPER Act (HR 4508). Both are treachery for America. I’ve provided all the information for the hearings, as well as background context in my latest published article “Anti Fed Ed Warriors: Heads Up!”  Please, read, share, and listen to the hearings! Watch for key words like ‘innovation’, “accountability”, etc. Remember, Sen. Lamar Alexander, chief CCSS disciple in Congress will be leading the proceedings.

We MUST speak out, Patriots! To remain silent to all this indoctrination of un-American education alignment is consent!

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