“Higher Education Gets a Makeover”

Lynne M. Taylor
for the Patriot Institute

Patriots, most folks wouldn’t turn down a ‘free makeover’ would they? I mean lots of shows have given tons of free gifts like this. This type of give and take works well. You got a nice gift, the celebrity gets a huge dose of free publicity.

My point is not to glorify Oprah.  My illustration about makeovers, though, is the point.

Those in charge of re-writing the HEA (Higher Education Act) are trying their best to give the ‘outdated’ law a makeover filled with ‘gifts’ for the students and taxpayers.

Let’s review quickly. The U.S. House’s version of a made over the HEA is called the PROSPER Act. The U.S. Senate’s version is called the Higher Education Innovation Act.

Both promise SO much, yet, once again, forget the fact the entire process is illegal. Congress should be making ZERO education laws..for ANY age student!!

As far as any makeover beauty skills for Congress go, they are professionals at lipstick on pigs.

The Two Versions:

To access the more in-depth article surrounding the makeover hype for the PROSPER Act, click here.
The makeover hype for HEIA is available here.

The “Civil Rights” Pushers:

Patriots, just look up the phrase ‘Education is the civil rights issue of our time’ on your computer’s search engine. President Trump has said these words, BUT he is hardly the first one, OR, the only one to utter them.

However, education is hardly a civil rights issue or it shouldn’t be. Many in the CCSS Machine have MADE it thus, though. Look below:

Here’s the entire list of Civil Rights/HEA supporters:
The Leadership Conference Education Fund
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
American Federation of Teachers
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
The Arc of the United States
Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD)
Autism Society
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
Center for Responsible Lending
Children’s Defense Fund
Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues
Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
Education Law Center – PA
The Education Trust
Feminist Majority Foundation
Hispanic Federation
Human Rights Campaign
Institute for Higher Education Policy
Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Lambda Legal
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities
National Bar Association
National Center for Learning Disabilities
National Center for Lesbian Rights
National Center for Transgender Equality
National Consumer Law Center (on behalf of its low-income clients)
National Disability Rights Network
National Education Association
National Indian Education Association
National Urban League
National Women’s Law Center
People For the American Way
Poverty & Race Research Action Council
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
Southern Poverty Law Center
The Institute for College Access & Success
UnidosUS, formerly NCLR
Young Invincibles

So, What ARE the Civil Rights Needed for HEA?

According the groups above there are 10 Principles needed to make over the HEA.

Here is a brief summary of each of the 10:
1) Create more laws which are ‘robust’ and forceful so everyone can be included.
2) Remove any and all barriers to entering college. That way ‘lifelong’ success will be attainable.
3) Increase ‘persistent’ in students including more wrap around services for mental health, childcare, academics, and, more.
4) Make college ‘more affordable’ by offering money to students to cover child care, their transportation, etc.
5) Student data tracking methods (aka ‘student data rape’) You’ll note this one claims to be non-invasive as to privacy, BUT any invasion IS a civil rights violation!
6) Use ‘accountability’ as a way to incentivize post-secondary institutions so students feel their education is valuable.
7) Exclude any for-profit (proprietary) educational institution from receiving federal funds until they increase student wages (after graduation).
8) Protect students from loan companies.
9) Provide safe and inclusive campuses free from all bullying.
10) Invest and support traditionally under-represented post-secondary institutions.

In other words, more of the grinding down of our nation in the name of education.

Sure, we DO need to protect students from loan predators.
Yes, a safe campus is nice.
Having a student’s privacy is even better.
Making college more affordable for some will pass the cost to someone else.
Penalizing all types of for-profit schools is discrimination. For example, there are many credible and viable proprietary schools which would have to shut down until they ‘prove’ themselves.
Creating more laws to be mandated is never a good idea.

Is any of this sounding like America?!

Last Thoughts:

Patriots, we MUST demand Congress get out of the nanny-education makeover business. Moves like these will implode our nation, not build it up! These type of gifts are not needed for our citizens.

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