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Commentary on Hillary Clinton by Michael Bowman

Hillary Clinton has become the master of inconvenient deaths.. In the last debate she defended partial birth murder as a woman’s right. A choice for convenience. In Benghazi she exercised the same woman’s choice.

Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, Libya, Elections 2016, Gaddafi,

The CIA Annex burns dawn of the attack on 9/11 2012 where Ambassador Steven and 3 other Americans died.

The Benghazi deaths, she chose her convenience of explaining deaths over the inevitable of having to explain a failed mission of putting weapons in the hands of what has now become ISIS. It can be argued whether or not she is responsible for the creation of ISIS, but she cannot argue sending arms to ISIS. I believe that she acted in a covert action with the approval of President Obama and the appropriate congressional committee chairs and the majority and minority leaders of both bodies.

This could and I believe it does explain why there is so much angst at the prospect of any outsider being elected president. We are in an era where our nation’s foreign policy is quite possibly in direct conflict with the constraints placed on our officials within the constitution. Therefore it would be safe to conclude that many in the DC loop are in personal fear of being first, fully exposed and then being subject to individual prosecution.

In their collective minds it has become more important to cover their own tails than it is to with open honesty serve the people within the bounds of their oaths of office and their constitutional duty. Donald Trump is a direct threat to many of them and the fact that he is not personally taking large campaign donations from bigger business interests gives them no leverage in silencing and tempering him. Therefore they have been forced to vigorously assassinate his character. Politics has become a very dirty business. They will stop at nothing to accomplish this. The combined email releases have given ample proof to this fact.

If our nation, meaning “We The People” really want to clean house and really make America great again, we must elect the outsider. Our duty does not stop there. We must, from the school boards to the halls of Congress replace the majority of people now elected but not really serving US. Remember that your state governments have become the training grounds for those selected for national office. That MUST stop. We must vet, select and then elect our servants. The majority in office today believe it is their duty to control our lives instead of protecting and preserving our liberty.

The choice is yours.

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