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Hillary Clinton’s Precipitous, Perilous Fall:

Tuesday’s second hour of The JJ McCartney Show featured a brilliant conversation with Dr. Dave Janda(www.davejanda.com).


In the second hour of the video JJ and Dr. Janda discuss the manner with which the Democrats are panicking(now that Hillary Clinton’s true nature and criminal actions have been laid bare). And here is the crux: The Obama Administration would bring the weight of the Secretary of State’s office to bear on tiny Ecuador. Why? To shield the American people from the truth about the egregious crimes of the previous Secretary of State.  This exposes the true trouble that Hillary’s campaign is in as the election draws near.

For Clinton, it’s a race to the bottom.

The truth about Hillary Clinton is coming out, not because the mainstream media has done their job. Actually, quite the opposite. The National Enquirer, once considered a laughing-stock supermarket tabloid has become a premiere source for political stories of scandal and corruption. Corporate global interests control 90% of the news media. The Enquirer has been the first major publication to break many stories of moral crises among celebrities and politicians. It’s been so over the past 18 years(since the Lewinsky scandal news broke during Bill Clinton’s lame-duck second term). The Enquirer has been unafraid to run counter to the protective shell of the mainstream media.

The Final Debate: Will it matter? 

In the next 21 days, salacious stories will fill the pages of mainstream media. All forced by the power of the Enquirer. The rest will begrudgingly report the scandalous sordid facts. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, morally bankrupt crime-lord. Her time as Secretary of State was as corrupt as it was wrongheaded. No Secretary of State before or since has a more abysmal record of failure than Hillary Clinton.

If she had not been selling access to the Sec. of State’s office to Clinton slush-fund donors, She might have done better.  Had she refrained from ordering underlings to harass, assault, intimidate and yes, even “neutralize”, she may have done better. Heaven help the bimbos, hookers, half-wits and people who simply had the misfortune of knowing first-hand the true depravity of Hillary Clinton.

3 Weeks before election, Clinton revealed as a vindictive crime-boss.

The Enquirer has had a slogan for quite some time: “Enquiring minds want to know”. But in the case of the people vs. Hillary Clinton, there are many unfortunate souls who wish their minds could be “wiped clean” in the same manner as Hillary’s email servers. Unfortunately for them, to know Hillary is to see the contradiction between her private self and the image she projects to the world.

Too bad for Hillary that she is absolutely transparent. Her true nature, her true agenda, and her inner-ugliness is unmistakable.

Our enemies are testing ICBMs capable of delivery nuclear payloads to any spot on the globe. But Hillary Clinton is pretending somebody else is to blame for her abysmal record. She tried to somehow transfer blame for her gross negligence, corruption and incompetence to two figures: Donald Trump. Vladimir Putin.

Nowhere to run, Nobody to blame, Hillary.

Sorry, Hill, neither of their fingerprints are on the evidence that proves your guilt and depravity. Regardless, You own your record, whether you admit it or not.

In 21 days, the nation will elect the 45th President of the United States. Thanks to Julian Assange and The National Enquirer, Americans will have much more information with which to base their decision.

Please compare the words of Donald Trump 12 years ago with the actual DEEDS of Hillary Clinton. You should recognize the effort by the Clintonistas to project Hillary’s lewd, ugly traits on her political opponents.

JJ McCartney hosts The JJ McCartney Show weekdays from 3 to 5pm Eastern time at www.jjmccartney.com and RedStateTalkRadio.com

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