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A  little refresher:  After 8 years of complete lawlessness by Obama, the most corrupt administration in our history, the  socialist Democrats and progressives  are suddenly concerned about the Republicans adhering  to every “jot & tittle” of every law & regulation!

But, lest we forget:

During their 8 year reign, Democrats changed the  laws & the  long- standing  rules of doing business in the Houses of Congress.in order to accomplish their socialist agenda!

They lied and made shady backroom deals in order to pass Obamacare which was designed to fail from the “git-go” in order to eventually FORCE us into socialized medicine with a single payer system!

They bragged that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to repeal Obamacare because of the way they deliberately structured it.

The reason they did this was to achieve control over every facet of our lives!   As LENIN said, “control healthcare and you control the people!” Under socialized medicine, the state controls who lives & who dies by deciding who’s deemed worthy to get treatment.

Next, remember when Obama completely ignored court orders with nary a peep out of the mainstream media?  Obama shut down oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico throwing tens of thousands of people in related industries out of work and decimating the economy of the Gulf!

Also, don’t forget FAST & FURIOUS.  That was Obama’s & Eric Holder’s disastrous and deadly gun-running scheme that resulted in the deaths of our Border Patrol agent &  many  innocent Mexican citizens!

Obama, Criminal Administration, Democrats, Lawlessness, Rule of Law, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Donald Trump, The Patriot Institute

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Ask yourself why Obama deliberately released 179,000 criminal Illegal Aliens into our cities creating havoc with increasing crime.  He also pardoned 562 Illegal Alien felons without deporting them leaving them free to rape & murder.  He further instructed our Border Patrol Agents to not hinder the illegals pouring over our border in any way.  On top of that…Obama cordoned off miles and miles of American land along our southern border  declaring it a “no go” zone for American citizens!

Then, Obama’s administration went after Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, threatening her when she tried to enforce the Federal Government’s own Immigration Laws!

Still making good on his promise to “fundamentally change” America, Obama continued the destruction of our communities by admitting tens of thousands of unaccompanied, teen-aged  “MINORS” into our country promptly dispersing these “children”  into communities large & small across our country. Consequently, we now have hundreds of brutal, deadly & dangerous MS-13 gangs operating across our country from California to New York!

Obama also proceeded to “fundamentally transform” our public education system with his COMMON CORE program…which dumbs-down our children with math standards two years behind the high-achieving countries.  Cursive handwriting is eliminated, the English language arts are fatally flawed and classical literature is discarded and replaced with one-sided environmental propaganda!

Still not content with all the damage he wrought upon America, Obama and his race- baiting cohorts created the deadly and still ongoing war on cops and the biggest racial divide in 50 years with nary a peep out of the mainstream media!

Yet, Trump’s criticized daily for trying to undo all this damage!


Carol Byers
Patriot Institute Contributor

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