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We can no longer continue to ignore and tolerate the thousands of Illegal Alien invaders pouring into our country on an ongoing basis!  This unfettered Illegal Invasion is overwhelming all of our systems since we  feed them, house them, medicate them, educate them, incarcerate them & we even pay for their attorneys when they’re arrested!
Although the Federal Government admits we have “12 million” Illegal Aliens, the real  estimates of Illegal Aliens in the United States ranges  from over 20 million to 40 million. This illegal invasion of our Country is having a huge impact on all our social services, diverting billions of dollars of taxpayer money from our infrastructure and the American citizens, our veterans and our seniors!
Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) revealed a deadly fact that the news media absolutely refuses to report on.  Illegal Aliens KILL 25 Americans each day.   On average….12 are murdered throughout the United States each day and another 13 are killed as a result of Illegal Alien drivers!   If you multiply that number times 365 days it equals over 9,120 Americans dead EACH YEAR at the hands of Illegal Aliens.  Then, if you multiply that figure by 10 years, it equals over 91,000 Americans killed by Illegal Aliens.    That’s the deadly, tragic cost of the Illegal Alien invasion which NEVER EVER gets reported!  Keep in mind that  the number of violent crimes committed by Illegal Aliens keeps increasing which overwhelmsour judicial system, our prison systems and our county jails!
Public school systems are overwhelmed as well.  It takes millions of taxpayer dollars to accommodate the millions of illegal children who don’t speak, understand or read English!
Medical services are also strained as the Illegal Aliens use the Emergency Rooms as   doctors’ offices. As a result,  Emergency Rooms are closing “left & right” across the country!    However, the  Illegal Aliens don’t pay for any of the Emergency Room costs… the U.S taxpayers do!  It is my understanding the State of California alone has already had 67 emergency rooms close due to Illegal Aliens abusing their services and, as a result, they can no longer afford to remain open!
The State of California is trillions of dollars in debt, yet still spends OVER $25 Billion Dollars each year on services to  Illegal  Aliens!  I recently heard that all the money which had been allocated for the repair of the Oroville Dam was instead appropriated by Governor Jerry Brown (D) and the Democrats to pay for even more services for the Illegal Aliens!
 It’s estimated that our Federal Government spends upwards of $113 BILLION each year on services for all these Illegal Aliens which shouldn’t even be here!   Since we are trillions of dollars in debt and borrowing money from China, this makes no sense!  Do the math!  Stop this financial suicide which is increasing our trillion dollar debt daily on both the state and federal levels while at the same time taking much needed funds from critical services in order to support the millions of Illegal Aliens!
This ongoing Illegal invasion is also having a huge impact our on American workers as well because these Illegals are no longer “just in the fields”.  Illegal Aliens  are now impacting jobs in all areas of construction, the hotel & restaurant industries, landscaping and the few remaining factories we have left.  These jobs used to be held by American workers….but no more! 
Keep in mind because the Illegal Aliens receive so many American taxpayer funded benefits, they can afford to work for much less.    So…it’s not that Americans “refuse” to do these jobs, it’s just that they cannot afford to do these jobs for the same wage as the Illegals….especially since it’s the working American taxpayers who have to support all the Illegal Aliens and their families in addition to having to support their own families. 
Americans have absolutely no objection to legitimate guest worker programs, but we must know who they are and they must pay their own way and stop feeding at the American taxpayer’s trough! 
We need to stop this Illegal “insanity” now!  Remember, too, a nation cannot stand that cannot control its borders!

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