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I am a patriotic American who has a great love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the great and many blessings that He bestowed upon our great nation, through the prayers and petitions of our Founding Fathers. I was blessed to grow up in an Air Force family in an era where the US Constitution was constantly taught to active duty members so that they fully understood and never doubted their oaths of enlistment or commissions.

I was very privileged to spend seven of my first fourteen years of life living in England. The first four years was in High Wycombe, Bucks where I attended grade school and came to understand and love the English culture. This was from the summer of 1960 to the summer of 1964. One year to the day we once again landed in England, destined to live in North Yorkshire. My dad was stationed at RAF Fylingdales, a BMEWS site (Ballistic Early Warning System), part of the NATO protection plan from the Soviet threat. We lived in Goathland, a little village on the Yorkshire Moors and in Whitby, a coastal fishing town on the North Sea coast. I spent those three years attending Whitby Grammar School. the same Grammar School that was attended by David Mccallum and David Frost.

My years of living in England gave me a unique way of learning about the struggles and sacrifices made by the English through two world wars. Our family made many great friends there. One family was a man who was a Polish jew, who o was as a teen sent to England to avoid the persecution that was to come. Alex lied about his age and at age sixteen joined the British Army in hopes of being able to go to Poland and liberate his parents and extended family. That did not happen, he arrived during the liberation as a translator, only to find out that his remaining family members were all victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

England, Terrorists, ISIS, Terror, Islamic Terror, Islamists, Muslim, Jihadists, The Patriot Institute

One of my best friends at Whitby Grammar was never able to meet six of his uncles as all six of his mother’s brothers were killed in the war. These experiences of my youth have been very instrumental in me becoming the man I am today.

I grew up in an era where people, both English and American, well understood what it meant to be patriotic and that their way of living was well worth fighting to protect and preserve. Were it not for those deep rooted and well-founded ideals, today it is likely that German would be the language of Europe and possibly German of Japanese would be the language in the US. The knowledge and understanding of British, American and world history that I learned while living in England from both formal education and the life experiences of the people who lived through World War I and II have given me the perspective that I have today.

I am both sickened and saddened by the Islamic terrorism that has befallen in the last three months my second home of England. Nearly fifty years since leaving England, I still have fond memories and great friendships still today. I have walked across both of the bridges where both acts of terror occurred in London and more than once I was privileged to walk through the British Parliament. I also, as a young teen with friends traveled to Manchester to watch Manchester United play football (soccer).

It was a time where there was no worry of personal safety, it was a time when young teens could safely walk the streets of both cities in those areas with no fear. I have also taken the time to reflect on the terrorism that we have experienced in our nation as well. I am sickened by the lack of knowledge and understanding of what it means to be born British and American. I am sickened by what I know in the US of the lack of fundamental knowledge of our Founding Documents and the great commitment to prayer that Our Founding Fathers went through is the creation of the greatest nation of liberty and freedom the world has ever known.

We are a Christian nation, founded with the blessing of God. England’s foundation is also based on the One and True God. My three years at Whitby Grammar School began each day with the singing of hymns, the reading of the Bible and prayers for our day in school. Additionally, we were all required to take Religious Instruction, where we studied the Bible and were taught life applications from it.

The Church of England was the official church of England. My in-depth study of English, American and World history also taught me that the mutual faith in God is what after the Revolutionary War and American Independence is the common thread that brought our two nations back together as allies. Historically this is the second onslaught on Europe in the attempt bring the Muslim faith and Sharia law to all of the nations in Europe. The first assault was in the eighth century.

England, Marines, Sharia, Muslims, Terrorism, Immigration, Terror, Jihadists, Jihad, ISIS, Manchester, London, The Patriot Institute

US Marines fight Muslim pirates in Libya, 1805 after they kidnapped and murdered American sailors.

That assault was successfully thwarted and Islam and its tenets were pushed back to the Middle East. The pirates of the Barbary Coast, who were Muslims, were a constant threat to our young American Merchant Navy during voyages to the Middle East in search of trading with the merchants of the Middle East. The failed Treaty of Tripoli was an attempt at appeasement that miserably failed and which was later rescinded. The continued attacks on our merchants were the reason for the formation of our US Navy and the ground fighting force that became our US Marines.

There has been a conflict between the two faiths since the creation of the Islam faith in the early seventh century.  The free will of the Christian faith is in direct opposition to the original tenets of the Koran. Sharia Law is in direct opposition to Christian tenets of the Western World and is not compatible.

The “radical” Islamic terrorists of today are truly following the tenets of the Koran and without a reformation of these tenets that call for the conversion, enslavement or death of all who reject Islam there can be no peace between the faiths, much less a co-existence. The majority of Muslims throughout the world today are not strict adherents to these tenets of faith and are being persecuted for not being so as well the two main sects of Shia and Sunni being in constant opposition to each other. This reformation must come from within the faith and cannot be forced upon them by outside influence of force and succeed.

It is crystal clear to me that our nation needs to put a full and complete halt to all immigration and acceptance of refugees until those within our borders today can be fully assimilated into the American way of life.

Along with that native-born American citizens needs to be educated and gain an understanding of the values that have made our nation the world’s symbol of freedom and liberty. We need to vet, seriously vet, the refugees and immigrants now living within our borders and expel all of those who adhere to and desire to live under jihad and Sharia Law.

These people will never assimilate to the values that have made US so great. I would suggest that my British and European friends seek the and return to the foundations of thier nations as well. The supporters of the jihad and Sharia Law must also be expelled from Europe.

Collectively, we must eradicate all the Muslim factions calling for jihad and Sharia Law from the face of the earth. Doing anything less will invite this curse on a future generation. President Trump is right on this issue and he needs to be supported and thanked for taking the right stand. We MUST elect those to all halls of governance who understand that our nation and liberty require it.




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