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German nationalist Hans Brucker, 22, carried out an apparent machine gun terror attack in France June 6th. Early reporting indicates that he opened fire from a prepared position on a group of Americans as they were coming ashore on the beach in a resort and vacation destination in Normandy. Eye witness accounts tell a story of mayhem and savagery. “He was just shooting everybody. It didn’t matter who they were. It was totally random.” The normally quiet beachfront community was shattered with the sound of gunfire as soon as the Americans stepped off the boat, soaking the sandy beach with blood.”He was just waiting for us,” another witness recounted.

Although Brucker’s motive still remains unclear, it seems as though he was radicalized from an early age. His father is a member of the far left-wing National Socialist Party, or Nazis, and Hans joined the radical group The Hitler Youth as early as 1936. Brucker came to France as early as 1942 after joining the violent pro-Nazi group the Wermarcht, which is responsible for widespread attacks across Europe.

If the media reported on D-Day this way back in 1944, we would rightfully say it was totally ridiculous. We were at war. The motives of those carrying out the attacks don’t need to be scrutinized. We knew what was going on and it was very clear who the enemy was.

Today, regardless of how many terror attacks there are, the media keeps looking at the individual carrying out the attack and not the bigger picture. We are at war now just the same as we were then. Every time there a “radicalized” Muslim kills a bunch of innocent people, an all too frequent occurrence, the media goes out of its way to examine the individual.

Why did he do it? Was he acting alone? Where did his life take the turn towards Jihad that led to this attack? Still, sixteen years and more than 30,000 Islamic terror attacks after 9/11, the media and leftist progressives still do not want to acknowledge the bigger picture. We are at war. The enemy is living among us and they will stop at nothing to kill as many of us as possible.

Terrorists, ISIS, Terror, Islamic Terror, Islamists, Muslim, Jihadists, The Patriot Institute

Since the attacks of 9/11 there have been 33,449 Islamic terror attacks across the world resulting in 215,505 people killed and 296,931 wounded. These numbers do not include any battlefield casualties from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen or other countries where Islam is engaging in open warfare. Between 9/11/2001 and June 4th, 2017 there have been 5737 days. That translates into 5.8 Islamic terror attacks a day, every day for almost 16 years. Still the media, progressives and liberals are examining the motives of the individual jihadists carrying out each attack, as if it were a stand-alone, one-off event, or as the left likes to call it “homegrown terror.” That’s lunacy!

Terror, Terrorists, Paris, London, Manchester, Nice, Islamists, ISIS, Islamic Terror, Jihad, The Patriot Institute

Refugee camp on the streets of Paris.

The worst part is that the politically correct countries of the West are importing their own demise. Since 1985, more than 11 million refugees have applied for asylum in Western Europe, with 1.3 million in 2015 alone! This is an invasion. No culture could import so many people whose values, convictions and religion are at complete opposite ends of the moral spectrum and survive.

terror, terrorists, Islamic Terror, Jihad, ISIS, Muslim Extremists, Manchester, London, The Patriot Institute

As last night’s terror attacks in London clearly illustrate, just coming ten days after the suicide bombing in Manchester, England that killed 22, this problem isn’t just going away. It is going to get worse until we come to our senses and deal with it.

The attacks in Manchester and London come as President Trump’s proposed travel ban goes to the Supreme Court. If you listen to the media reports, however, they will skip over the terrorist parts when describing the countries on the list. Instead, they invariably will say “predominantly Muslim countries” purposefully spouting the narrative that the ban is xenophobic, Islamaphobic and racist.

Unless we want the random killing of innocent people on our streets to become the new normal, we had better do something to stop this, and fast. Recognizing the bigger picture would be a start. Otherwise the “Religion of Peace” will continue to kill us.

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