“It’s a Slam Dunk!”

Lynne M. Taylor
for The Patriot Institute

Fellow Patriots, many Americans love sports, right? . As we know, regardless of WHAT type of sport, when the teams are on college campuses, education is part of the picture. So, imagine the shock of learning that the former
U. S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan is now helping steer college sports! If you’ll remember, Patriots, he was the one who proclaimed that in the future we could look at the 2nd grader and tell where they would end up.

(Source: Daily Riff, 2009)

If you’d like to read the May 7th USA Today article where you’ll see Duncan and his ideas for how to revolutionize college sports, go here.

Duncan Facts:
1) He a co-commissioner for the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. As such, he can make powerful decisions which impact college organizations like the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Assoc.).
2) In this particular USA Today article, the focus is on basketball. Hence, his push  for talented basketball college kids who want play with pro teams to be able to go to 2 year colleges (most of these are community colleges) then get a certified credential. In other words, fast track them.
3) Also a fact, Condoleezza Rice (another sold out member of the CCSS Machine.) was a part of the Commission which made decisions to pass on to the NCAA.
4) A Patriot question, will Duncan and Rice’s work spill over into ALL NCAA sports, or remain in basketball?

NCAA Facts:
1) It’s a non-profit organization. The bulk of funding is through TV media rights.
2) It gives millions of dollars to students for education. Arne Duncan (2012) lobbied the NCAA to raise its requirements for assessment scores for allowing students to participate.
3) Beginning in 2019-20 academic year students grades while in college will be tied to how much financial assistance they receive. Two CCSS Machine powerhouse groups, Turner Broadcasting and CBS are supporting this. (*Patriot’s notes: CBS’s document contains almost 20 education tags via a document search. One of which was a gift for civics education. While searching Turner Broadcasting, you’ll see the CCSS agenda, but it’s the STEM{Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math} tie to CCSS I’ve embedded.)
4) For those freshmen, this will directly tie to CCR (College and Career Readiness) which only one of the re-brands Common Core has gotten. If you wish to play NCAA sports you MUST take CCSS aligned assessments and achieve a certain score.
5) NCAA closely data tracks all athletes. As intrusive as the data tracking goes, it is actually more like ‘student data rape’. (*Patriot’s note: any time any educational institution conducts ‘research’ data is involved.)
6) A Patriot question, what will non Common Core students have to do to play in the NCAA?

Knight Foundation Facts:
1) This Foundation has a set of beliefs supposedly rooted in the U.S. Constitution, yet actions speak otherwise.
(*Patriot note: scroll to the 3rd paragraph and read beliefs, then visit the home page and read the Mission.)
2) the Knights got in the sports ‘business’ in 1989. The main string to college sports and education? A reform agenda.
3) The Knight Foundation supports Common Core.
4) A current funded project is the Knight/Hewlett/Koch “Independent” Study on Facebook’s influence. Look below:

(*Patriot’s note: be sure to read how this study will impact academics.)

So, basically, Patriots, you take an unqualified educator (Duncan) insert him into sports and watch him help take that down the CCSS/STEM global path.

What’s below, my fellow Patriots, are several other ways college sports has been impacted by the CCSS Machine, including Duncan’s influence at his former job. Use what you need, or take what’s above. Your choice.

The conclusion: CCSS Machine ‘educrats’ need to be slam dunked in the trash can, not our kids..certainly not our sports. Johnny and Suzy should be free to play and enjoy sports, not conform.

Bonus materials and research for you:


What about college/high school/elementary school partnerships? Yes, they exist, yes, they are all part of the CCSS Machine AND if your State uses “Lab Schools”, you’ll discover this model is a leftover NCLB (No Child Left Behind) model based off a business model! Talk about a ‘slam dunk’ to education!

From “Prevent Common Core” my archived article detailing the CCSS slam dunk on sports for high schoolers.
From my full-time blog (Common Core Diva), 2015’s article showing you the professional football sell out to Common Core.
As far as college level sell-out to Common Core and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), that evidence is also available. My blog has several articles addressing this.

Patriots, every publicly funded college, university; any private college or university receiving ANY type of government funding will be aligned to all that is in this article. 

  From my guest posts on Lady Liberty 1885’s blog, I showed you how the extra-curricular clubs sold out as well as the honor societies.

Also, consider this, Patriots, many of the leadership clubs and honor societies have BOTH high school level groups AND college level. The globalism of STEM is also in both levels of education. Sororities and fraternities are no exceptions, either. The globalism of the UN (United Nations) is also ripe on college campuses, as well as all education choices via the UN Model Clubs.
*Note: as you know UN is the reason we have STEM in our schools.


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