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Why did Mr. Comey supposedly think that Donald J. Trump would lie about their meeting (his reason for making detailed notes)? It wasn’t because he knew Donald J. Trump to be a liar. It was because Comey is one. In the words of George Bernard Shaw: “The punishment of a liar is not in the least that he cannot be believed, but rather, he cannot believe others.”

Comey lies, so he figures others do, too. Lawyers and police often make notes after an event or as close to contemporaneously as possible. However, they usually put down facts, not interpretations. Here, Comey made self-serving notes for his own benefit.

With the idea that there could be a tape recording, he told truths under oath, and only smeared Donald J. Trump with his interpretations, not with any facts. To make himself more believable, though, he told a major truth. He admitted that he is a leaker.

Hopefully, Mr. Sessions will cause an investigation into that leaking. No man should be above the law, and that means James Comey, as well as the Clinton Crime Family. It is time that we not only drain the swamp, but that we enforce the laws of the land.

There is so much out there about the Clintons. Look it up on YouTube. Find out from under which rocks these miscreants crawled. It is time for the biggest scandal in our history to come to the surface. It is not for Donald J. Trump to do. It is for the Justice Department. It is time that politics be put aside and that truth be sought and presented. Perhaps, the key is going to be in investigating the real hacker of the DNC, not the Russians, but Seth Rich, who was shot 3 times in the back. He was murdered in a supposed robbery where he had about $2,000 of value on him and nothing was taken. One way or another, we need justice from the Justice Department.

The time is right, now that Donald J. Trump has been cleared, and our FBI is on track to being the foremost law enforcement agency of the world, again.

Good-bye Mr. Comey. Good riddance!

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