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After watching a full day of testimony of Judge Neil Gorsuch before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee where the judge was grilled on his judicial ethics and past court decisions, I couldn’t help but think of how far our judiciary has been removed from the original intent of the Judiciary that our Founding Father’s set for this nation.

Politics being what it is, any student of history will know that America was indeed born out of division and diversity of opinion. Our Founding Fathers put much of their time debating, even arguing over how our unique republic would come together to become a nation. Any observer of today’s politics would probably say the squabbling that our Founding Fathers experienced, hasn’t changed much in 240 years of American politics. A closer look however at today’s hearing with Gorsuch on the “hot-seat”, would indeed reveal to us that the political squabbling may remain today, but our nation is nothing as to what our nation’s government was intended, not by a long-stretch, especially in regards to our Judiciary.

I would like to call your attention to what has become a popular view of the especially political-Left regarding the US Constitution. They believe the United States Constitution is a “living document.” The politically conservative view is that no, the US Constitution is not a “living document.” Instead conservatives believe the Constitution has original meaning and does not change when society changes. The Constitution was made for all Americans, for all times. Now, there is indeed a huge political gulf if you will, between the political Left and Right on what our Constitution (should)looks like. This should be expected, but that is politics and “politics” according to our Founding Father’s has no place inside our Judiciary.

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Here lies the problem with today’s Judiciary, the original focus of our Judiciary is to interpret laws as to— if that or those laws are Constitutional or not. But this is not what is occurring. Instead, and increasingly, many judges throughout America today whether local, State and or federal courts are making decisions not based on the Constitution, but rather political decisions either of their own persuasion, or of already made, and in legal precedent. An example of this would be the legal case of “Roe v. Wade.” In this particular case, as highly contentious as it was, and still is today, the Constitution and the original intent as well as other Founding Father documents were literally tossed to the side and wholeheartedly ignored. The case, along with other courts cases before the Supreme Court during the 20th Century such as the dreaded Engle v. Vitale which outlawed prayer in public schools, etc is another prime example of how politicized our courts have become.

Our Founding Father’s wrote and signed our Deceleration of Independence stating that all our right’s come from our Creator and each of us has the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Sometime in the 20th Century, our nation wandered from both our Creator(God of the Bible as all signers agreed to, minus 1), and what our Founding Father’s intended for our Government and the Courts. Instead of looking to original documents that our Founding Father’s wrote, including letters as well as Government decree’s and court cases, our Courts in the 20th Century(up to today)decided that they knew better than our Founding Father’s and(purposely as well as maliciously) changed the direction of this nation’s laws from Constitutionally based, to instead, a neo-politcized and chaotic form of made up (unnatural)law as they went along. We’ve been living in this muck and mire of godless and constitution-less law ever since.

Court, Supreme court, Courts, Paul Waldmiller, The Patriot Institute, People's Grand Jury, Grand Jury, The Constitution, Founding Fathers, US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Judicial Reform, Judges, Gorsuch

One would hope that at some point, the supposed “guardians” of the Judiciary, that is, the Lawyers in America would help bring back our nation back to the senses of the Constitution, but unfortunately, those type of attorney’s are rare. The BAR(British Accredited Registry) rules and reigns our courtrooms including judges. In fact, the BAR is in charge of who is allowed to practice law in America. The popular belief (for the unknowing)that you need a “license” to practice law in America is not true. What is true is that you need a “BAR Card” or membership to “practice law in America.” The BAR tells you if you pass their law exam, they also inform you if they will accept your application to practice law in a particular area. You cannot do much of anything without being under what is essentially agreeing to become an extension of the British Crown.

The BAR also oversees it’s own “ethics” training and problems when a lawyer get’s in trouble. Judges have a State ethics panel that oversees judges but like the lawyer’s overseeing lawyers, judges are also the primary the one’s overseeing judges who have ethics complaints made against them. Yes, by now you’ve probably guessed that lawyers and judges governing one another probably isn’t a good idea. Kind of like the comparing to a fox guarding the hen house. If you’ve assumed that is what occurs, you’ve assumed correctly.

By now, hopefully you see in this abbreviated article, our Judiciary needs to be reigned in and forced to adhere to it’s oath to the U.S Constitution. For U.S Citizens to once again bring our Judiciary back on track of the Constitution I highly suggest the following;

Bring back People’s Common Law Grand Juries!

In every Local, State and even at Federal Government level, establish a Citizen’s Review Panels that has the power to oversee all Government agencies and or agencies that receive Tax Payer Fundings including, but not limited to Child protective Services, Attorneys, Judges, Law Enforcement, Domestic Violence Programs, etc.

Outlaw the British Accredited Registry. Simply put, the organization is a British Citizen organization and violates Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution. Not only that, the BAR itself also violates the RICO Act which is a Federal Law which makes colluding, criminal enterprises a Federal crime.

Being employed as a Judge is an honorable position in our Government. We should all have a high regard for judges as we all also literally place our lives in judge’s hands everyday. Indeed, we should all have a high reverence for our Judiciary, but with the politicization of lawyer’s and judges with their BAR Associations acting as a Good ol’ boy’s exclusive club where judges and lawyers use us, our children, our families and our property as chattel so they can in many cases, unconstitutionally steal Federal, State, and Local Government/our personal funds for themselves.

It’s time we take a serious look at how “We The People” should take our Courts back and put the United States Constitution back in it’s proper place. We can and all should be pro-active in achieving this. If we fail at the present time to do this, we will soon be ruled by an out of control Judiciary that increasingly takes away our Natural Rights on a daily basis.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller
Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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