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Here is the truth about the LIE called Legalism that Satan pushed to separate people from the law of God in an ungodly manner, setting up the Second stumbling block of the house of Israel.(Christian nations)
When people keep preaching about legalism, to keep you from looking into the legal ramifications of what Paul is saying, they are actually taking away the key to understanding what Paul is talking about… Of all the Apostles, Paul took the time to EXPLAIN how Yeshua (Jesus) had done all that he did LEGALLY; if it was not legal, then it would have been ILLEGALLY done.

GOD took different ways to show his requirement as predicted in scripture below. PSALMS 105
8 ¶ He hath remembered his covenant for ever, the word which he commanded to a thousand generations.
9 Which covenant he made with Abraham, and his oath unto Isaac;
10 And confirmed the same unto Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant:

Has there been a thousand generations yet…NO… so as Jesus said in Matthew 5:17-20, it is all still valid and you will either suffer a loss for breaking and teaching others to break them; being called LEAST if you make it to the Kingdom…. Or you will be GREAT, doing and teaching them… BUT IT MUST BE DONE LEGALLY…

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The Apostle Paul said BOTH, you are not under the law and that Grace established the law… Which is true? They BOTH are.
OF course both are right but you can see it ONLY if you understand LAW…
The scripture describes TWO types of ‘you’ LEGALLY… Paul explained that If one died for all then all IS DEAD…. Well guess what a DEAD thing is not SUBJECT to the law… But if you live in that death by continuing to consciously break the law that is all you get… YOU ARE A DEAD MAN WALKING
The MOST important YOU… is the one LED by the SPIRIT… That is the ONLY ‘you’ that God counts to be living… and that ‘YOU’ (LED BY THE SPRIT) NEVER BREAKS GOD’S LAW…. No one being led by the spirit breaks the law in that which they OBEY…..

But you may say, we are not perfect, sometimes we might fail… YES, but that is counted to be the OLD LEGALLY DEAD YOU… by this process the Apostle Paul could say… “I thank God through Jesus Christ, that in MY FLESH, I myself SERVE the LAW of sin.. (WHICH IS DEATH) but in my MIND the law of God.” Only those that follow with their MIND God’s Spirit is of God…. those that follow the LAW of sin (which is death, by consciously breaking God’s law) is not of God.

This way God LEGALLY makes us PERFECT, WITHOUT A SPOT OR WRINKLE of any such thing… But this works solely for those who consciously seek to please God only… This IS SO, regardless of wither you are a baby Christians making more errors as you learn or a fully Grown Christian making very few errors…. THIS IS GRACE… it ESTABLISHES Gods law… not get rid of it.

As the Apostle Paul’s asks and answers.. “Do we make VOID the law through FAITH?”.. God FORBID!” We ESTABLISH the LAW.”…. All this was performed using the legal opportunities presented in the law itself…. Christians need to go back and read what Paul is saying, because many have propagated LIES, unintentionally; for generations.

Bill Sullivan



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