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After the recent Texas shootings and horrible, tragic murders of twenty-six Texans who were gathered in their church, I happened to come across some news articles as well where Liberals were calling for stricter gun controls, even mocking Christians who claimed all that “Christians” were going to do about the deaths of those poor 26 souls was “pray.“ I knew when I heard and read what those Liberals were saying about “pray only”, I needed to say something… I needed to clarify what is really going on, not only within the “Christian Community” but also why Liberals believe the way they do. Now I’m sure that folks will get all upset with a first glance at the title and what I have to say within the article because those who do so, will predominantly come from two groups that I later mention in within, and are whom my article is directed to. If by chance however, I’ve elicited a response from Liberals to also read this article, I say, “wonderful!”, all the better. Come on, let’s get to the truth!
Yes, I want to share with you the current heart condition of most who refer to themselves as “Christians” here in America. Is it possible for you to read on and be honest in accepting facts when reading please? If you are ready to be completely honest and transparent, then let’s get to the heart of the issue of many so called “Christians” in America, are not Christians at all. Well, at least they’re not Biblical Christians anyway. The world that Jesus in the Bible warned all of us not be part of, has found and crept it’s way into the Church and wields great influence over her. Look at nearly every church service across America. When attending a church service, very often you will receive and ear full of preachers and believers of an “easy jesus”(small letter j purposely placed). What do I mean by “easy jesus”? I mean a worldly, false jesus who looks the other way from sin. Also a an “easy jesus” who preaches about “God’s grace”, but holds you to little, or to no account for unrepentant sin.

                                                                              Liberals, Jesus, Fake Christians, Liberalism, Religion, Freedom of Religion, Texas Shooting, Texas Church Shooting, Prayer

When Liberals mock Christians for their American version “Christianity”, Liberals are correct in their assertion that this “easy jesus” whom is prayed to, is a useless god. After all, “easy jesus” holds no one accountable, allows people to say or do anything they want because they are “automatically forgiven”, and of course this “easy jesus” also only expects “Christians” to pray, no action required. Yes, that is the life according to not only what Liberals see how Christians are and act, it’s reality as well. Don’t believe me? Liberals aren’t fond of walking into Church buildings during Sunday services. No, Liberals, especially Millennial’s who are numbered vastly as socially Liberal, are fond of social media and the internet. When they look up “Christianity” on the internet, what do they see or find? None other than some of the biggest liars, wolves and fake, “live like you please”, no accountability required, filthy rich, ponzi scheming. “easy jesus” preachers such as Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, TD Jakes, etc. Yep and these fake and false Christians plaque most of church pulpits across the nation as well so for Liberals to ever find out the assertion that the Biblical Jesus doesn’t think or act like these fakes, is a rather difficult prospect.

                                                                             Liberals, Jesus, Fake Christians, Liberalism, Religion, Freedom of Religion, Texas Shooting, Texas Church Shooting, Praye

Liberals see “easy jesus followers” as hypocrites and you know what? The Liberals are one-hundred percent correct. If only pastors and church goers would come to know the real and preach the real Jesus, maybe you know this Biblical Jesus? The one who told the story of the Good Samaritan? That story of a Jew beat up, left for dead but two other religious Jews walked right by the assaulted Jew laying there dying, but a Samaritan man who was hated by Jews went and picked up the Jew left for dead and helped take care of him. Yes, that Jesus, that one who taught us that we are all accountable, not only to God but to one-smother as well. Know Him? Yes! That Jesus who taught us that prayer only is meaningless and that we are all held accountable for our actions and inaction’s as well! This Biblical Jesus I write of and whom most called American “Christians” and Liberals alike do not know, said we need to repent for our sins and get our hands dirty to aide other, even to feed, clothe and help one another, perhaps even wash one-another’s dirty and stinking feet out of reverence for love and servitude. As a “Christian”, have you ever washed the feet of someone?
What if Liberals got to see the real and Biblical Jesus through us instead of that fake “easy jesus” who has a “worship band” on church stages that also uses strobe lights and lasers to entice folks into entertainment rather than seeking the Spirit? Indeed, what if Liberals seen Biblical Christians doing their duty to remove unrepentant evil doers rather than allowing unrepentant evil doers to grow and multiply like cancer that eats our children, families and loved ones? What if these Liberals who hate God so much seen Biblical Action rather than “Christians” cowering in their church building pews shouting “pray only’? What a beautiful thing Liberals would see if “Christians” actually decided to follow the Bible, picking up their own cross, stayed married, followed Biblical roles for family members, rejected divorce, rejected Government and Secular intrusion, took time to share the True Gospel Of Jesus Christ with the poor, homeless and those in prisons? Could it be that we would get America or the world back?
I will tell you plainly, especially in church buildings across the USA, it’s difficult to find a pastor who preaches the unadulterated Biblical truth any longer. Many Liberals see the phoniness of the “easy Christians” across our land. You cannot blame Liberals who have been exposed to the hypocritical “easy Christians” and their so called “pastors.” As a Bible-believing Born-Again ordained minister, I am among the very few here who will preach from the Bible. Pastors like me who preach unadulterated Biblical truth with love, mercy and also with the message of all needing to pick up their cross, are whole-heartily rejected and not wanted behind the pulpits in the U.S. There is a problem with American “Christianity”, so don’t get upset and your panties all waded up when a Biblical Christian like me tells you the God’s Honest Truth and also when Liberals mock you or others involved in do-nothing, hypocritical,“easy Jesus” and “pray only” Christianity.
Paul P. Waldmiller
Black Robe Regiment Pastor






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