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    Can you can and preserve food year around?
    You bet! You can preserve meat you hunt or raise and butcher, but also whatever meats, beans and legumes, or fruits and veggies you purchase from the store! I plan on canning dried beans using the pressure canner this week so I have beans ready to open and heat for meals!

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  • Anyone else thinking about the many earthquakes and hurricanes happening and assessing if you would be ready for a natural disaster? When the store are without basic supplies for weeks, power is down equally as long, emergency service overwhelmed, and miscreants taking advantage of the situation?

  • Okay everyone, earlier I read a post on “7 Tips To Be A Great Panhandler” from an SHTF preparedness link. There were people who were amused (including the poster who ran the sight) that people were offended by this topic being posted under a preparedness group. I wanted to know how everyone else felt about this topic? Do you think in belongs under…[Read more]

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