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Membership in the Patriot Institute certainly does have its benefits!

First, you get your own profile on which you can post pictures, stories and articles, videos and most anything you’d like.
Second, you have full access to our national Skillset database. Here you can search for other members who possess the training, skills, education and experience to help build your local community.
The Patriot Institute links local communities from around the country. Before you know it, you’ll be part of the change we all know needs to happen in America!

Form or join a club that represents your interest such as amateur radio, backyard homesteading, the Constitution or American history and the Founding of this great country. All this will be included in your membership.

But wait, there’s more!

In the Patriot Community, you’ll be able to submit all of the skills you’ve gained – education, training and experience – into the Patriot Database while exposing NONE of your personal information. We at the Patriot Institute are absolutely dedicated in preserving and protecting all of our members and guests’ personal and contact information.
In the Patriot Community, you’ll be able to search for the skills and abilities of our other members in your LOCAL area. Then contact them through our anonymous and secure contact and arrange for the goods, services and skills of our other members.

For example, hypothetically, you are looking for someone to do some electrical wiring. Log onto the Patriot Community and do a search for “wiring, electrical, electrician” and those members nearest you will pop up. You are then free to anonymously contact them and arrange for a trade or solicitation of their services.

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The Patriot Community will build a nation-wide network of resilient Americans

Not only will you get your project finished, but you will meet the other Patriots in your community! The Patriot Institute charges no money and takes no fees from any of these services. They can’t tax a handshake. The Patriot Community will instill the resilience we will need when and if a disaster strikes, like an economic meltdown.

Also, Patriot members gain unlimited access to Patriot Radio. Listen, call in and participate in the movement. Let your voice be heard through your Patriot membership!

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The Patriot Institute is launching a radio channel with membership

For a limited time, you can become one of The Founders. Founders receive a totally FREE membership for the first year with all of the same features and benefits of a fully paid membership!
Members will also receive discounts on training and classes. There will be a Patriot member discount in study and course materials through the Patriot Market as well.

These are just some of the benefits of your membership into the Patriot Institute!

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