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Trumps executive order discontinuing transgenders serving in the military was the right thing to do. Immediately, liberals and progressives came crawling out of the woodwork declaring the move as hateful, discrimination and, my favorite, taking the rights away from the LGBT community.

I hate to break it to you, but, sorry, liberals, serving in the military is not a right.

America’s military exists for one reason, to close with and destroy our enemies. Anything that distracts from that primary mission can cost lives and ultimately lead to defeat and there simply isn’t any room for it. Any distraction from winning has to go. Period.

The military isn’t there for progressives to use it as some kind of twisted social experiment, despite what President Obama thought.

Progressive presidents, like Democrat Woodrow Wilson who segregated the military, think they can impose their social agenda on the military and the rest of the country will follow along. Once instilled in the military, so the liberal thinking goes, it will become the new national ‘normal.’ That’s why Obama allowed homosexuals to openly serve too. As Commander-in-Chief, the president can order changes in the ranks.  Recent such moves included again, homosexuals and transgenders openly serving and opening up previously restricted combat roles to women. None of these were done to enhance or improve the fighting quality of our military. They were for pure political reasons.

Of course, President Obama thought that once done, it would never be undone, right?


Make no mistake, compared to the rest of our society, the military is different.   We expect our military to accept and endure physical and mental hardships, deprivations, long periods away from home under the worst conditions in all types of weather and then fight and win against any determined enemy anywhere in the world. Of course, these progressives screaming that transgenders and anyone else must have the “right” to serve never served themselves.

military, transgenders, Donald Trump, Executive Order, Gays in the Military, The Patriot Institute

Scouts from 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne), pull overwatch during Operation Destined Strike while 2nd Platoon, Able Company searches a village below the Chowkay Valley in Kunar Province, Afghanistan

No, serving in the military is not a right. Just to be clear, “a right” is something we inherently have as being human and citizens. We have the right to speak. We have the right to peaceably assemble. We have the right to practice our religion. We have the right to defend ourselves, our families and our property, be that with a toaster oven or an AR-15.

Like health care, serving is not a right. In fact, those serving in the military willingly surrender a portion of their rights as the price to defend all of our rights. For example, those in uniform do not have a blanket right to free speech.  A soldier cannot speak out against policy, their command or the Commander in Chief that would be bad for good order and discipline.

Speaking of good order and discipline. Do you think these progressives ever gave any thought to what the implementation of their agenda means for the small unit leaders on the ground?  When a unit deploys, their chain of command is responsible for establishing the living arrangements for the unit. In years past, that was easy. The company first sergeant would say, “ok, first platoon in that building, second platoon sleeps in this building. Showers are here; latrines are there” and he was done.

Then, when women came into the units (I’m not against women serving) that simple task became more complicated. Now the unit needs separate living quarters, bathrooms and showers for the men and the women. This becomes exponentially more difficult when that same unit, tasked to man a remote combat outpost for six months on some hilltop in Afghanistan or Iraq, has straight men, straight women, homosexual men and women and transgenders. The simple task of housing and providing showers and bathrooms becomes a nightmare.

military, Afghanistan, Transgenders, LGBT, Homosexuals in the military, Donald Trump, Executive Order, The Patriot Institute

Thanksgiving dinner, Afghanistan

I served in the Army for 24 years, both during the no gays in the military and the time of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  I was a company commander in Iraq in 2003 of a unit with both male and female soldiers. Did I have homosexuals quietly serving in my company? I don’t know. I didn’t ask and they didn’t tell. But, I did have to separate the two genders.

The reason for this is to prevent sexual harassment.  If there is an accusation of any sexual harassment, it isn’t just the accused on trial; it is the whole unit. Among the first questions that will be asked in court is “what did the chain of command do to prevent this from happening?”  If the answer is “nothing,” every professional soldier up and down that chain is at risk of their career being ended.  That happening is a definite distraction from crushing the enemy and getting all their people home in one piece- the only things on which the unit needs to focus all of its energy.

Then there is the cost. If transgenders are allowed to serve then any elective reassignment treatments and surgery will be covered as part of their military health care. The financial cost for gender reassignment surgery can be $50,000 or more.  The American taxpayer will pay for that. In addition, the entire process to transition from one’s birth gender to the other can take years. Usually there is one to three years of hormone therapy then the surgeries. That can put any service member out of commission, off the front lines, for a very long time. Given the average enlistment is four years, for a transgender, they could be undergoing medical treatments for almost all of that. How would that make them an asset to the military? Even if they can’t deploy and fight with their unit, they will remain on the rolls and the space they are taking up will stay vacant.

Lastly, people seeking to serve in the military are routinely turned away for a variety of reasons. They could have a mental illness, be convicted of a felony, not meet the height and weight standards or otherwise found to not be physically capable.  Being transgender and not being able to serve does not take anyone’s rights away. Next, liberals will be screaming for the 82nd Airborne Division to install ramps on their jump planes to make them handicap accessible.

Trump’s move was absolutely the right thing to do.


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