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This kept me up all night. I will call.  We the People are fed up and our government does not understand the depth and the breadth of it. We sat by while our country has moved so far Left we do not recognize it! We sat back while they called us Tea Baggers and Racists. We sat back while Obama gave our country to our enemies. What could we do? We are not activists. We vote and then we accept. Maybe we grumble a little, but we don’t DO ANYTHING.
Deep State knows this. They know us. We are Middle America. They can count on us to keep working, keep paying and keep quiet. We don’t count. And we never really minded too much. We sat by while all the “groups” claimed their “Rights”, pushed us to the back of the bus and handed us the bill at the end of the ride.
We are a bunch of Nobodies, but guess what? We outnumber ALL the “Groups”. That’s right. We are THE SILENT MAJORITY. We have finally, “at long last”, been used, abused, poked and prodded into finding our backbone! Then we found a spokesperson for us. We voted. HEAR US. WE WILL NOT GO AWAY QUIETLY THIS TIME. We are ruffled.
We are Mad as Hell, and we are not going to take it anymore!
The Justice Department is a JOKE. Comey found NOTHING after months and months of investigation. He set up our President to get a special counsel appointed. WHY? To strip our President of his rights! To use him as a piñata. To vilify him. To access his private business and tax records that he has lawfully refused to make public. (AND WE VOTED FOR HIM ANYWAY!!) Ultimately to take him down. To take us down. WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THIS TRAVESTY? As soon as Comey admitted he leaked to set this in motion it should have been STOPPED.
Please do not underestimate the power of the majority.

IF YOU’VE had enough with this crap then please call ASAP. Thank you All.

CALL Rod Rosenstein DOJ @ 202-514-2000 using option 4 and voice disagreement with Special Counsel Mueller investigation If you have had enough too.

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