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If you have been reading my monthly articles here on the Patriot Institute, you may have noticed a reoccurring theme. This “theme” if you will is deliberate on my part. It is my hope that in this article, you will indeed see how what I have written in the my past articles here served well as warnings, but the consequences of my warnings have only been largely ignored and the consequences for that ignoring has only continued and indeed, escalated very bad consequences.

If any Americans are paying the least bit of attention to what is occurring not only politically here in the U.S, but also noticing the recent rash of millions of those suffering from earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires and social upheaval, we know America is in deep, deep trouble.

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Understand, everything that America suffers today has it’s roots in ignoring God and His word. Know that I’m not speaking of the god of this world or referencing just any ol’ god that many serve. No, I am specifically referring to the One and true Living God of the Bible. In His word, it is quite easy to read the history of nations such as ancient Israel and Judah who who chose to ignore God’s word and thus suffered what much of what America suffers today.

Of course, being a Biblical Christian myself I see everything I am sharing with you very clearly and perhaps you are one of the few here that also see’s the same. I know the history of ancient Israel and Judah like the back of my hand and I can see how America is following the same path, not only of rejecting God of the Bible, but receiving the same punishments for spitting in God’s face as Israel and Judah had once did. There is a correlation and America is already ninety-percent over the cliff. we as a nation are literally hanging on to the edge of the cliff by our 10 toes.

Bible, Hurricanes, Scripture, Gospel, Irma, Harvey, Storms, Listen, The Patriot Institute

I recently witnessed the consequences of America’s open rebellion to God with my own eyes. While I and millions of other Americans here in Florida suffered without electricity, access to food, water and medical care for days because of Hurricane Irma, one would think Floridians would draw closer to Christ and wake-up from their spiritual slumber. Sadly, although Floridians were praying for Irma to go away and pray for help, the vast majority of Floridian hearts remained hardened towards God. No repentance, no changes, many returned to their sin filled life as soon as the Government showed up to hand out bottles of water.

The blame of course for the continued spitting upon God and the consequences God gives us falls squarely upon the so called “Christian Church.” As I was able to get some electricity back in my home after Hurricane Irma, I was able to use my radio and listened to a man named Matt Walsh. He shared how many churches and indeed the pulpit have watered down Christianity. Matt not only spoke to how the American Church has watered down the Bible, but has become a complete failure. As is probably no surprise to you, I was, and still am in one-hundred percent agreement with him. The American Church has allowed and created this mess in America and needs to quickly repent, then get back on track with the Bible.

As America continues to spiral out of control and it’s eventual destruction, there is little time for Christians to get on their knees and drag unrepentant evildoers from the pulpits and put real and Godly, Biblical men instead-in them. Biblicaly, that is not the end of what needs to be done. The church needs to also quickly get out of the church pews and share the Gospel while simultaneously removing unrepentant evildoers both inside as well as outside the Church. Please understand, I am no alarmist but America stands at 11:59 PM at the 12 Midnight deadline to her destruction!

All of what I am sharing is going to take effort, real effort and hard work. No more strawberry socials, karate clubs, baseball games and church picnics. All that crap is over beginning immediately. America is about to be wiped off the face of the Earth, there’s no more time to waste. We either immediately get on our knees and repent the get to work, or we lose everything, our children, our families, our nation, our very lives!

It’s do or die time America! Wake Up!

Paul Waldmiller
Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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