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Ah, New York State. The State in which I was born. Maybe you were born there also, and if you were, you will most likely “get” much of what I am sharing throughout the remaining portion of this article.

What actually led me to write this article was when Senator Cruz recently mentioned in his comments regarding Donald Trump having “New York Values.” Being from Western New York, I understood fully what Cruz meant. In fact, most Americans that have visited New York State, including at least a day’s visit to New York City, fully understood what Cruz meant as well.

For the unknowing however what exactly “New York Values” are, you first need to understand that New York State is not New York City, and New York City “ain’t New York State.” Yes, New York City is located within New York State, but most of New York City is a much different “persona” than the remaining portion of the State.

New York City is the largest city within the United States as far as population. It encompasses what are referred to as having five Burroughs, or five smaller cities to make up one large city. And as I mentioned earlier, New York City is not New York State. To understand what exactly is meant by New York City not being New York State, you only need to look at the City’s politics. New York City for many years has been primarily filled to the brim with political Liberals. It’s not that there aren’t Liberals throughout the rest of New York State, but New York City carries by far the largest number of Liberals and Liberal voters(yes there are a few Conservatives there, but very few). All those millions of Liberal voters do a lot of damage to the rest of the State. Although New York City geographically is just a very tiny fraction in size compared to the State as a whole, New York City by shear numbers, carries the majority of the political agenda. Case in point, the current Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio is an admitted Socialist with Communist tendencies. Mr de Blasio makes no bones about being a Socialist and has implemented Socialist policies since being elected several years ago and pushes his agenda on the New York State Legislator every chance he gets.

Outside of New York City, throughout the remaining portions of New York State, including Long Island, especially outside of cities throughout New York State, you see large pockets of Republicans and Conservatives. Where I am from, Western New York, many there are Republicans, but much like Republican and Conservative New York City Residents, they are by far outnumbered by the Liberals who reside in New York City which in 2014 numbered nearly 8.5 Million residents. New York State only has approximately 19 Million Residents. So when there is a time to elect a Governor, a Liberal is nearly always voted in. New York City by sheer number of Liberal voters, elects the Governor and also many of the New York State Legislators who tend as well to be Liberal. The Latest Governor elected, Andrew Cuomo is a product of New York City. His Liberal politics dictates his implemented policies through the liberal voters who had Cuomo state in a public speech that “Conservatives, Christians and Pro-Lifers need to leave New York State.”

Because of the values and mores of most within New York City, which greatly influence New York State politics, most New York State Residents outside the City do not get along with those from New York City. In fact, many New York State Residents have visited New York City, and have seen what I am sharing with you here in the article. And when we visited, we absolutely had no intention of remaining in New York City nor adopting any of their liberal ideologies(or language accent). One could say that most who live outside New York City actually loathe those many liberals from New York City because of how many(not all, but many) in the City act. I am aware by making such a bold statement it may sound a bit pestiferous, but it’s not at all. My New York City “friends” reading this article will surely drive my point home for me by their showing all of us their true New York City virulent values through giving me and my article the big middle finger. Giving the middle finger and dropping the “F-bomb” whenever the opportunity, truly is a “New York City Value.” Truth be known, New York City is more than “pushy” like that, and socially liberal. Many New Yorker’s(City) tend to be loud, brash, obnoxious, and undignified. To my point, let me add here the latest news from New York City, it is not only did New York City Government allow naked “painted” women loose their in Times Square this past summer, now they have recently erected a “Masturbation Booth” as well Truly, this is New York City “value”, not a New York State value because this behavior is not seen anywhere but in New York City.

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Donald Trump defended NY City values after a GOP presidential debate

I actually feel sorry for my Conservative friends in New York City. I don’t know how they can stand being such a small numbered group. Not much can become changed for the better with such small numbers of folks who want the best for a largely depraved area. Like my New York City Conservative friends, when you take many who are from New York State and compare them to those in New York City, what you see is a clash of cultures. Western, Central and Upstate New York are mostly farms and hill/mountains filled mainly with folks focused on family values, and matters like their faith, gun rights and maintaining order. Very opposite is what you see often in New York City. There, it tends greatly to be filled concrete, metal, crime as well as chaos(ever try to drive around NYC?). You cannot see much more of two different cultures than those from New York City vs. those from Upstate, Central and Western New York.

I cannot emphasize enough that the often Liberal ideologies that most New York City Residents hold too are quite opposite of value that the remaining residents of New York State have. In fact, there has been so much contention especially as of late between those from New York City who hold to their Liberalism, vs. the many Republicans and Conservatives who live outside the City. There is now a move to have Upstate, Central and Western New York State secede from New York City and create their own autonomous region called “New Amsterdam.” (Documentary Video)

So to understand “New York Values”, you need to understand, there are really two New York’s. One is New York City, the other New York is the many miles of farms, mountains outside of New York City which is populated mostly by Republicans and Conservatives who refuse to have anything to do with New York City, other than an occasional visit to “the concrete jungle.”

I’m not a supporter of Ted Cruz, nor a Donald Trump supporter. That said, what Cruz said regarding Donald Trump’s “New York(City) Values” were totally correct. Donald Trump holds to many liberal beliefs that his many fellow New York City residents also hold to as well . But of Donald’s New York City values, perhaps his brashness, boldness, being pushy and obnoxiousness, maybe, just maybe, is exactly what America needs right now. Could it be that America needs someone who when pushed, will push back ten times harder against the lying Democrats and Establishment Republicans who have all but destroyed our nation? America will decide. In the mean time, Let those who do not understand what “New York Values” are, may now be fully aware.

Genesis 13:9 “Is not the whole land before you? Separate yourself from me. If you take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if you take the right hand, then I will go to the left.”

BY Pastor Paul Waldmiller

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