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These NFL clowns who are who are degrading the nation that has afforded all people more liberty for all than any nation in history are not worthy of carrying Jackie Robinson’s jock strap. Nor do they have a 1,000,000th of his character as a man, a man of dignity, a man of character, and most importantly a man of God. Their puerile actions would have never paved the road for equality and equity in sports, as Jackie did. They do not hold a candle to the brave airman of Tuskeegee in the bravery, the love of country and the determination to excel while being a segregated unit. Jackie and these brave airmen paved the way for you to be social ingrates today. If they put as much effort into being an example of what hard work and perseverance can obtain for the young men who need to learn how to act in a civil society and take full responsibility for their own lives and the choices made within, there would be a much less inner-city crime today, and smaller prisons less populated by people with dark skin.

I challenge one of these NFL cowards to explain to me why in the 40’s Americans of negro descent had the lowest crime rate in America. They had the lowest imprisonment percentage in our nation. They had the lowest divorce rate in America and the lowest out of wedlock births in the nation. They also had the highest percentage rate of church attendance in America. If you want to change the high rate of black arrests in America today, DO NOT look to blame the police. Clean up your communities by imposing a higher standard of behavior. Stop tolerating inner-city shootings, stop tolerating the high percentage of irresponsible and or fatherless homes, and stop the spread of all aspects of the abuse of illegal drugs.

If you do this first and your feigned problem still exists, then I will take a knee with you, but I will bet that will not be the case. For all of you NFL players who are raising the “black power” fist in the air every time you knock a white player to the ground, you are acting in the same racist manner that you are decrying. Martin Luther King was absolutely correct. “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” That creed was meant for all men of all colors, live it.

Restore the moral character to the inner cities by being an active part of the solution and stop making the problem worse by immature public actions in front of the media. Grow up, act like real men and be problem solvers.


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