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On November 7th, New Yorkers will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not the state will hold a Constitutional convention.  There are very strong arguments on both sides.  The problem is, both sides are right. There are no good choices for New York.

By all objective measure, New York ranks among the very worst states in the country.

  1. New York has the lowest personal freedom ranking in America.  Among all states nation-wide, NY is the least free. The most laws and the most government intrusion in our personal lives than any other state in America. That’s New York.   If you’ve ever driven on the interstate going into or out of New York to anywhere else, you will notice speed traps and police ambushes all over in New  York, but as soon as you cross the state border, that changes. That is just traffic. New York is a police state.
  2. New York has the highest overall tax burden in the country. When all the taxes the state collects are combined, New York is the most expensive place to live.  The government seizes more of its citizens wealth in NY than anywhere else in America.  According to WalletHub, who releases an annual report measuring each state’s tax burden, New York is number 1 with 12.94% of each state resident’s income going to just pay state taxes.
  3.  New York is the most corrupt state in the country.  Th state government is so corrupt that Politico stated “New York doesn’t so much have a culture of corruption as an entire festival.”  More state government politicians have been charged and convicted of corruption in this state than any other.
  4. New York is the 39th worst state to start a business, again according to an annual study by WalletHub. So, if you have dreams of being an entrepreneur, you are better off in doing it in 38 other states, but NOT NY.
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    NY debt as of 24 Oct 2017

  5. Overall, the state is the 43rd worst state to live in. Meaning, when overall factors are combined, you’d be wealthier, healthier, safer and happier living in 43 other states rather than trying to grow roots in NY. The state also ranks 43rd in the best place to make a living according to
  6. What’s the result of all of this? People are leaving, fleeing really, out of New York and FAST!  More than 1 million people moved out of the New York area to other parts of the country since 2010.   That leaves a smaller and smaller population left to pay the bills of an overreaching, intrusive and bloated government.  It is a government that mismanages every dollar they take in too.
  7. New York is in debt for more than $356 Billion!  It would take an economic miracle to be able to ever pay that off.  Our children and grandchildren will still be struggling to pay that off, if it ever happens.

Why do we put up with this?  The short answer is that we don’t, well, most of the state doesn’t. We don’t have any say in the matter either. That brings us back to the Constitutional Convention.

New York State politics and the state’s political agenda is completely dominated by the counties of and surrounding New York City. The region comprising of New York City and surrounding counties have, by far, a disproportionate representation in the New York State Senate when compared to the upstate counties, with New York City and surrounding counties having forty Senate Districts and the upstate counties having only twenty-two Senate districts.  It is even worse in the state Assembly.

That means that it doesn’t matter at all, not one little bit, what the people of the upstate counties want. They’re not going to get it. Whatever the representatives from NY City want, they get.  Higher taxes, more control, less freedom for the rest of us are the continuing trends coming out of Albany.  Its been that way for decades.  I outlined the results above: misery, poverty and government control.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has gone so far as to tell conservatives they are not welcome in New York:

It would seem that the only chance New Yorkers have to change anything would be through a Constitutional Convention, a chance we get only once every twenty years. But no so fast.

When the delegates are chosen for the convention, the selection is done by state senate district. So, the disproportionate representation at the Constitutional Convention will result in New York City and the surrounding counties being represented by one hundred twenty-two delegate to the sixty-six delegates in total representing the upstate counties.

Again, the liberal progressives of New York City will get whatever they want.  Given their dismal track record, that is sure to mean higher taxes, more entitlements, sanctuary cities, less economic opportunity and certainly less liberty. We’ll get our rights shredded even more.

That is the likely result of holding a state Constitutional convention.

So we should vote “No” on the referendum to hold the convention. Not so fast.

What happens if we don’t have the Constitutional convention?

If New York doesn’t hold the convention, we get more of the same: higher taxes, less freedom and the liberal progressive agenda of our governor and NY City marches on.  The awful list, above, only gets worse. State debt keeps going up, businesses and citizens continue to flee the state and those left behind are ground under the heel of state’s incredibly corrupt government.

These are not the values of the vast majority of New Yorkers.  The majority of the counties of New York believe in freedom, our God-given right to defend our families and our property, and the sanctity of life.

What is the answer?

If NY votes for the Constitutional Convention, upstate gets rolled over at the expense of the wealth and freedom of the citizens.  If NY votes against the Constitutional Convention, the upstate counties get rolled over.

Unfortunately, unless we change the rules of the game, there are no good choices for New York.

Maybe the more than 1 million people who have already left made the right choice.




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