“Not On My Watch: An Educational Viewpoint”
Lynne M. Taylor

My fellow Patriots, we have certain time-honored duties. One of our fiercest duties of honor is that of ‘keeping watch’.  

Patriots, we’ve often heard the phrase ‘Not on my watch!’. Do we really know what it means, though?
 According to the origin of the phrase, it’s more about accountability and responsibility, than protecting others.
However, when it comes to education, ‘not on my watch’ has become more about protecting others from the loss of American academics, freedoms, and our history.

I think in some ways we are in the best position of all time; to not only identify the globalization of education, but to expose it.



When Did the Globalization of American Education Begin?

According to the researcher/author Berit Kjos, about 100 years ago, key influencing people began the plot to make American education look just like everyone else’s in the world.

In 1947, the U.N. (United Nations) made it a long term goal. We see it today, in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). SDGs are rooted in Agenda 21. The United States long ago pledged our Nation to support U.N. programs.

In 2015 U.S. adoption of the Agenda 2030 SDGs extended the U.S. alignment to the U.N.

Patriots, how are the SDGs impacting us right now?
1) The U.N.’s encroachment in the classroom is bringing that 1947 ‘dream’ to fruition. (see the screen shot above)
2) Patriots, we should create a (or join an existing) movement of action to influence our national leaders to cut ALL ties to the U.N.!



An SDG Primer:

Patriots, you may know all about these one-size-fits-all, globally competent, and, ‘go green’ Goals. Maybe you’ve known about them since their inception. If you don’t know, you’re about to find it below.

We can trace the ‘goals’ all the way back to the Earth Summit in Brazil back in the 1990s. Why do the Goals stress 17 areas of human life as ways to conform everyone to?

Simply put: education is the ‘perfect’ connector to intersect conformity and knowledge.
Think of it this way, if I have enough money and influence, I can get you to believe anything, IF I repeat it enough, produce ‘evidence’ to support my beliefs; then, before you know it, you’re so hooked into whatever I say, that not only do you repeat it, the ideas you come up with are really agenda points I’ve been teaching you all along! The more people I can influence (aka: indoctrinate), the more the message becomes believeable.

Here’s a quote from the website where you’ll find the above screen shot, “For the goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you.”
*Note: Some of the U.N.’s information on the SDGs says that the adoption by each country is not legally binding, BUT it is expected that the participating countries will feel a moral, ethical, and financially based need for adhering to the Goals.

Below, is a chart I created to show you how closely the U.N.’s influence on America has become:

The left side of the chart shows the U.N. components of a competent global citizen.
To become a competent global citizen, you must not only had basic education, you must contribute to the ‘greater good’.

The right side of the chart is from the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s SCANS competencies required for a skilled worker. Again, basic education.

However, look at both and you’ll begin to see that social and emotional factors of  human kind is woven throughout. Add in the competency based shift in American education from academics to skilled based education, and you can see the agenda of the U.N. is alive and thriving in classrooms across America.

Add in heavy doses of social justice and the idea that due to global warming, we’re all going to expire soon, you’ve got the recipe for the “Education for All”, the U.N.’s been planning all along. If you’d like to see the official “Education for All” website, click here.


So, Patriots, IF the SDGs are voluntary, why has America spent so much aligning our nation to them?!


This Study shows an in-depth look at how much responsibility to adhere to the SDGs the countries really have. It also raises the question of how much of bowing to the U.N. is responsibility and/or obligation.

My article, called “The Call From Father”, has an American made Tool Kit inspired by the U.N.’s many meetings surrounding sustainability.  The agenda to transform American education is written into the Kit is SEVERAL ways. 

The SDG Action Page (where you can find their own type of ‘on my watch’ activities)

Access the 2016 Campaign Presentation: here

Back in 2014, I published an article about the evils behind the U.N.
Robert Muller (former U.N. Asst. Secretary General) had this to say about an educated workforce.

My fellow Patriots, where are we seeing and hearing “21st Century workforce” in America? In EDUCATION! In our LAWS! From our Congress members and D.C. Leaders!



Closing Thoughts:
, we must recognize that education is not just for our children. Adults enter education on a daily basis, too. Nothing in the U.N.’s design is geared solely for our children. It does START with them, however. The ‘cradle to grave’ conformist citizen is not just a science fiction character anymore.

Our question is this: It’s ‘my watch’; what am I prepared to do about this un-American overreach into my nation?

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