It’s way past time for the “silent” majority to actually speak out! Just keep in mind that when you do speak out they will attack you and call you names in an attempt to shut you up!
Ignore them and continue to speak the truth! There’s too much at stake…YOUR freedom and liberty and that of YOUR children.

Silent, Freedom, Fight, Liberty, US Constitution, The Patriot Institute, Liberalism, Snowflake, Carol Byers

Silent, DH Lawrence, The Patriot Institute, Freedom, Liberty, Carol Byers, Free Speech

You must NOT REMAIN silent any longer! For decades, the LEFT has used “political correctness” very effectively to shut us up. Our 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech is under serious attack.
But by now… you should be aware that they are NOT going to stop attacking us or trying to silence us! As they are intent on keeping their hard-won power!

They’re ANGRY now because they are threatened with losing the powers which they have worked decades to achieve. And, they’ve done this right UNDER our noses while we were busy working… raising our families…going to church and FOOLISHLY trusting those we voted for to keep their campaign promises.

We were not paying attention and because of this, the LEFT now controls the Judiciary with radical judges who ILLEGALLY pass into “laws” the very issues we VOTED down in elections! Instead of following the Constitution…these leftist judges rule by “ judicial fiat” and enact law. This is not one of their enumerated powers. Judges are supposed to follow our clearly worded Constitution, not to put their own “spin” or interpretation on it!.

These radical leftists also now control 90% or more of all the media which allows them to spew their lies to an ignorant electorate daily on every channel & news outlet and in every breaking news segment 24 hours a day!

Liberal, Silent, Speech, Free Spech, 1st Amendment, Bill of Rights, fight for Freedom, Minuteman, Liberty, The Patriot Institute, Carol Byers

They also control public education from grade school thru college which has allowed them to indoctrinate at least two generations of our children! If you need proof….just look at the young, angry socialists coming out of U.C. Berkeley and similar collages & universities across our country. These young people are angry America haters who have been taught that America is the cause of all the problems in the world, and they willingly resort to violence and destruction at the thought of any opposition to what they believe in!

Through these venues the LEFT has attacked and degraded our morals, values, culture, religion and borders for decades now by using our own laws against us!

As I said, there’s too much at stake to not speak out! You must NOT remain silent any longer! This is OUR TIME to fight back…and we must do so by speaking out and NOT BEING silenced!
Don’t worry about “offending” them; they offend us daily! So, don’t hesitate to speak the truth. Do not EVER let them silence you because we’re in danger of losing our country!
This is OUR turn to fight for freedom! Question is will you join this fight?

Carol Byers

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