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The Patriot Institute is joining forces with the National Vote Out Incumbents and Christian, Conservative, Patriot and Not Afraid to restore the Constitution in America.

Patriot Institute, National Vote Out Incumbents, Institute,

The Patriot Institute and the National Vote Out Incumbents are joining forces

This alliance between the National Vote Out Incumbents, Christian, Conservative, Patriot and Not Afraid (CCPANA) organizations will extend the reach and the influence of each and the impact across America to restore this great republic.

The mission statement for the National Vote Out Incumbents (NVOI) is to “bring like minded people together for Conservative ACTION. Our growth needs to be the result of ordinary everyday people getting their friends and family to join us and be willing to work together to accomplish the goal. We must begin NOW. The goal of the national NVOI Page is to bring unity across the nation in our efforts. We also want the national page to be a forum for exchanging ideas and methods that are working.”

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We are the Patriot Institute Liberty’s Boot Camp

The mission of the NVOI and the CCPANA are totally in keeping with the goals of the Patriot Institute. It is the intent of the Patriot Institute to connect disparate conservative groups and patriotic individuals across the country empowering all of us to make a difference in our community, our town and in the end, restore this country back to what it was, back to what it was always supposed to be: a beacon of Freedom where personal property rights, limited government, parental rights, the rights to self defense, and personal responsibility and our core values are respected and the Rule of Law is restored, all based on a biblical interpretation of the Constitution.

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The National Vote Out Incumbents is joining forces with the Patriot Institute

The focus for all three organizations is to educate the American citizen on the Constitution, our rights and duties under the Constitution and to build a nation-wide community of patriotic Americans who are the real strength of our nation. There are so many other great organizations and groups across the country that reflect a deep-rooted belief that America is on the wrong track. If these groups and the patriotic American citizens they represent were to join forces, like the NVOI, CCANA and Patriot Institute, they would become the largest political body in the country.

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Christian, Conservative, Patriot and Not Afraid has joined in the Alliance with the Patriot Institute

All these groups will keep their own identity as they move forward. The NVOI and CCPANA will retain their wide social media presence through their Facebook pages and will continue with their respective missions. The Patriot Institute will be the web page and hub and will likewise continue with its mission of education and grassroots activism and nation-wide organization.

Education is the key to restoring our liberties and freedoms. The government-run schools no longer properly teach history or civics. As a result, generations of Americans don’t even know what their rights are under the Constitution. The Patriot Institute is holding classes now on such topics as emergency communications, basic American civics, personal financial preparedness and even home canning and food preservation. The organization will soon be launching a podcast radio channel and an entire online study curriculum.

The National Vote Out Incumbents, Christian, Conservative, Patriot and Not Afriad and the Patriot Institute joining forces is a great move towards saving America.

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