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In many parts of New York State there are traffic jams sometimes even occurring outside of rush hour. The subways in New York City are falling apart due to lack of maintenance. The high-speed rail between Albany and Buffalo was started but never finished. Many New Bridges and highway improvements that have been planned since the 1960s have never been built.

New York State no longer listens to the will of the people; our governor shakes his fist in the face of, how the majority of Upstate, Long Island and even New York City people feel about a multitude of issues, for example, fiscal responsibility, putting our own citizens’ rights first, and staying out of our daily lives through over-regulation & over-taxation. While at same time our state is NOT doing the basic things government is created for such as maintaining clean water systems, sewer systems, the highways, the subways and many other things. All these problem are caused by our leaders playing politics rather than governing

It’s time to cease fantasizing that New York State legislators have the best interests of the people in mind. That if we just elect the right people into office all will be well. We know from our own recent history that they go into office with one set of core values and in a very short time, those values are turned upside down. Our plan of Autonomous Regions allows Congress to be legally bypassed because we are forming regions not a new state or moving counties between states.

It’s time for us to demand the self-government assured to us by our Founders.  It’s time to form two or three Autonomous Regions! Our plan can also bypass the NYS Legislature; because this Nov 2017 the people of NY State get to vote on whether to hold a NY State Constitutional Convention. If we vote YES on the NYS Convention the first step in our plan to form autonomous regions is complete. A YES vote on the Convention is our only hope for reform in NY State!

What are you willing to do to bring about the Autonomous Regions? Are you willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with us?  Are you willing to fight for liberty letting each region rule itself without Albany interfering

Learn more about our Autonomous Regions Plan by going link below


New York, New York Convention, Constitutional Convention, Governor Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo, Divide NY, New Amsterdam, The Patriot Institute



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