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First NYS Constitutional Convention

New York voters have the opportunity to call a state constitutional convention this year. The Main reasons for a NYS Constitutional Convention are the ability to Divide NYS into regions, and create term limits, budget reform, and real ethics reform.

A NYS Constitutional Convention should NOT be confused with a Federal Constitution Convention (sometimes called an Article V Con-Con) which is called if 2/3 of the States pass resolutions requesting one. The members of a Federal Con-Con are appointed by the State legislators the people have no say in choosing them. Amendments must be approved by 3/4 of the States and because the US Constitution protects our rights; all our rights are at risk !!! A NYS Constitutional Convention is called by the voters; the vote is this Nov 2017. Delegates are chosen by voters, and any amendments must be approved by the voters. NO rights are at risk.

The two main reasons we hear repeated every twenty years against a NYS convention are #1 IS THE VOTERS MAY ELECT BAD DELEGATES. Because in the 1960s the Legislature called a convention off cycle so their members could easily run for delegate and everything they proposed was rejected by the voters. When the convention is called by a YES vote of the voters in Nov 2017; the delegates are elected at the same time as the legislators and the governor are up for reelection which makes it hard for them from run for delegate. #2 PENSIONS may be at risk just a scare tactic. Divide NYS delegates will be pledged not effect pensions (see outline section on our about page) and on the other-side delegates are already in the pension system, so pensions are NOT at risk.

Every twenty years the people of NYS get to vote on whether to hold a NY State Constitutional Convention. If the Convention is approved, The Convention can then submit amendments to the NY State Constitution directly to the voters. Our method to divide bypasses the NYS Legislature. Here are the steps to make this happen:
FIRST: Nov 2017: The proposition for holding a NYS Constitutional Convention will automatically appear on the ballot in Nov 2017. We must register and VOTE YES or no convention will be held. In most places it be on the back of the ballot; in a few it will be on an extra sheet.
SECOND: June 2018: We must put delegates on the ballot that will support the Amendment to create autonomous regions. There are 3 delegates for each Senate District (total 189) and 15 delegates elected Statewide.
THIRD: Nov 2018: We must vote for our delegates!
FOURTH: Nov 2019 The Amendment to create two autonomous regions is submitted to the voters. We must vote to approve it!
FIFTH: Jan 2020 New regional districts are drawn.
SIXTH:  Jan thru Dec 2020: The state prepares to divide into regions!
SEVENTH Nov 2020: New region officials are elected to take office in December!

Divide NYS into two or three autonomous regions

We cannot do this without you. We need your support in order to triumph in this great undertaking.

First we need your financial support as we move forward with plan for Autonomous Regions, to stop Andy and his cronies, from depriving us of the adequate representation guaranteed by US constitution.

You are part of history that will be noted by your kids, grandkids – all of your posterity because we will succeed.  We must succeed – for them!

The author is the Chair of  Divide NYS Caucus Inc is a statewide group working on dividing NYS into two or three autonomous regions.

You can donate to the cause here.




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