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The real Obama legacy he leaves behind – something he/we never expected.

The 2016 election was a national-level rejection of the Democrat party and their entire liberal agenda. While we were all focused on the presidential race the Republicans made terrific gains at every level of government. As the map below demonstrates, the election was an overwhelming defeat for the Democrat party.

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Map of Trump’s 2016 victory by county.

The Obama legacy that he has been so concerned about won’t be Obamacare or transgenders using the bathroom, but is instead a massive shift of America to the right. Because of the failures of Obama and the liberal policies of the Democrats, in January 2017 we will have:

A Republican President
Republican Vice President
Republican control of the Senate
Republican control of the House
Republican control of 31 state houses
A majority of Republican governors
36 of 50
Republican control of a majority of county governments
Republican control of a majority of city governments

Now THAT is “Hope and Change!”

In numerous speeches leading up to election day, the president warned that a vote for Trump would be a vote against the Obama legacy. No, the Trump sweep defined the Obama legacy.

In the eight years Obama has been in office, we have experienced:
1. The lowest workforce participation rate in over 40 years
2. The national debt more than doubled – Obama has added more debt to the nation than all previous presidents before him combined.
3. The slowest recovery from a recession since the Great Depression
4. Median incomes decline by more than $2500 per year
5. Healthcare cost skyrocketing – despite, no, because of Obamacare
6. 46 million Americans on food stamps
7. More Americans living in poverty
8. The smallest active duty Army since before World War II
9. The smallest Navy since before World War I
10. Race relations and racial divisions in America the worst since at least 1964
11. More than 100 million Americans receiving some sort of federal means-tested assistance
12. Hundreds of our veterans dying waiting for care from an inept and corrupt Veteran’s Administration
13. Open borders and the importation of tens of thousands of unvetted Syrian refugees
14. Terror attacks in Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Ohio, Fort Hood, Brooklyn and of course, Benghazi
15. The credit rating of the United States downgraded for the first time in history – twice
16. Plummeting home ownership rates, yes and that includes the “great housing crash” of 2008

And much, much more. Finally, the American people seem to have woken up. The voters have spoken. Now, it is up to the Republicans at every level to stand up and fearlessly do what the right thing for America and try, once and for all to unravel the devastating Obama legacy.

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