“OGP in Education?”:
A Look at America’s Place in the Global Schoolhouse

Lynne M. Taylor
Patriot Institute

My fellow Patriots, you’ve followed my articles long enough to know I’ll stop at nothing to expose the road to ruin which is becoming our American education system. To that end, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately surrounding the global directives overriding our Constitution.

Education is being used as a weapon of change against us. We know at the center is the United Nations. We also know America’s participation in other global organizations is causing the shift in education from real academics to skill based, mastery outcomes.

Patriots, we have seen plenty of evidence showing many, many more global associations, partnerships, and, agreements made in the name of America AND on behalf of the citizens. Yet, every ONE of these has somehow overreached into your schools. No matter what location or what age, globalism is involved.

So, what, in ‘blue blazes’ is an OGP? How, if in any way, does a OGP factor into education, especially here in the U.S. A.?

OGP, or, Open Government Partnership:

Patriot Warning: Notice the above picture is from the Chinese Facebook. Knowing how the current government is treating its citizens via the Social Credit System, ‘trust’ is a huge mis-communicated issue.

How could this play out in American education? It would totally re-arrange our nation.

Before we look at ‘trust’ from the global perspective, just where did OGP get started?

OGP is a project of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). OECD is a partner to the UN, as well as others.
OECD is the group responsible for re-defining people as ‘human capital’. It’s also one of the main sources for the educratic buzzphrase ‘lifelong learning’. “Lifelong learning” sounds great, but actually means a birth to death streamlined, workforce based society.
Patriots, this is a classic example of the misuse of our trust.

(You may view the picture in a larger screen, by opening it in a new window.)

To access the OECD agenda you see above, one of the main points was to unite citizens and government, go here.

Watch the short video about OECD and OGP. You’ll see the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are a key player in WHY trust and unity between citizens and government MUST exist.

To see the American CCSS Machine member group, MacArthur Foundation’s role via the NGO (non government organization, World Resources Institute, involvement, go here. (*Note: among the WRI’s goals? “Smart Cities”. I explain the tie between Smart Cities and American education in the link just above the “Changed Priorities” picture. You’ll also find on the WRI website, that the Omidyar Group is involved. Omidyar is a big group of investors like the Gates Foundation and others which pour money into to change things. Education is among them. See the WRI/Omidyar connection, here. Then from Omidyar’s website, you’ll see how they tie to “AltSchools”. I’ve written about AltSchools and how these open classrooms schools combine massive amounts of STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) CCSS (Common Core State Standards), and more, to ruin academics.) To see the picture below, open in a new tab. You’ll want to see the quote.

The “Silent Partner”:

Patriots, while you may know about the WEF (World Economic Forum), did you know it’s working with the OGP, too?  Maybe you know America’s also a member of the WEF. So, by nature, whatever goals and agendas this group has, America has inserted into education. By way of CCSS (Common Core State Standards) and all it’s rebrands, our trust has been abused in spades.

To access the WEF’s education agenda (where ‘lifelong learning’ and ‘closing the skills gap’ are used in  very deceptive ways), find that here.

Patriots, above is a screen shot from a March 2018 headline. Notice WEF’s use of the word ‘trust’.

According to the WEF, ‘trust’ is THE most important ‘pro-social’ attitude we could possible possess. We all must be able to trust, in order to be better neighbors, co-workers, and obedient citizens.

Trust Issues:

What to the WEF and OGP/OECD have in common? Obviously they all recognize trust is important, but I do not think it for anything worthy. I think from what evidence we have it is more important to see that ‘trust’ will be a tool to manipulate.

From the OGP/OECD’s view, we trust government. This, especially in education, is dangerous because there’s room to groom people to know the government is their nanny and will care for them completely.

From the WEF’s view, trust will help us be better neighbors. While that sounds great, look at what’s beneath the sounds. Trust is NOT an attitude. If we trust everyone, how will we discern who’s dangerous and should be avoided?

So why is ‘trust in government’ so important to the OGP (it’s really effective in how governing is carried out)? What countries make up the OGP (there are several)? Where can I learn more about the OGP (website)? Find the group on Twitter (#RenewTrust) The biggest thing you need to know is that OGP is a project of the OECD (Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development).


America’s OGP Involvement:

What types of projects does America have as a member nation of the OGP?
Since 2011, the U.S. has had 142 ‘projects’ which cover 18 ‘themes’. Among the 18 themes, ‘education’ is present. But look at HOW the OGP is involved! (*Note: be sure to look at all the countries involved in the ‘education theme’ section. Look at what they are doing, then ask yourself, are we seeing that in our schools?)

(*Patriots, if you cannot read the underlined green sentence above, it states that the OGP’s interest in education is in BOTH public and private education services.)

To access the OGP “Education” theme’s page, go here. (*Note, be sure to scroll down to see what other themes are related to education.)
To see the US’s OGP scorecard, that’s here. (*Note: you won’t see much information beyond 2017, but OGP has been active in America and on America’s behalf in 2018. That information is in what follows.)
Read the Next Generation Open Data Roadmap Project. (*Note: take the time to look at the Open Data usage from Tanzania’s education system. Look for any similarities you see in American schools.)

So, while the OGP is trying to convince us that trusting government is good, I want us to remember what our Forefathers and Patriotic Mothers set out for us as far as education and government intersecting:

The SXSW (South by Southwest Festival) was back in March 2018, but OGP was there. I’ve covered SXSW before in other research. It’s a major festival with all kinds of underlying agenda.

According to the description above, because we’re all globally connected, ‘we’re all in this together’.
Below, see the OGP Speakers at SXSW 2018. Due to their ties to the overreaches in education, it’s easy to see how technology will continue to be used against teachers and students.

Now, Patriots, I do not know about you, but with partners like this, I am no incline to trust the government to look out for any of us! Especially when it comes to education. All this innovation and technology are data raping our children and aligning them to become computer zombies! How aligned have each of the States come in all this shift in education? The short answer: 100%.



Patriots, we MUST take back our government. We must RESIST their ploys to earn our trust. We have 100% evidence that trust has been BETRAYED. We need an upheaval, my friends.



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  1. Paul Adcock 2 years ago

    What should we do? Where should we start? How do we bring this down?

    • Author
      Lynne Taylor 2 years ago

      I would suggest educating your local leaders. Chances are they, too are clueless. Then, look at how this violates your State and U.S. Constitutions. File a lawsuit, write and circulate a petition. Do anything within an American Patriot’s forefather ‘playbook’ for citizen protests. Will it be a “midnight ride”? Maybe a short video to circulate. How about neighborhood meetings.

  2. Viagracheap 2 years ago

    Lynne Taylor, thanks! And thanks for sharing your great posts every week!

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