“One Way: A Look at UN led Education”
by Lynne M. Taylor

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Greetings Patriots of America! If you’ve followed my research and writing either here or elsewhere. Thank you. You know I hold nothing back when it comes to exposing the global push from the UN (United Nations) and other partner groups. You also know I hold all political parties responsible for the alliance. 

Why? Frankly, it’s killing our nation. It’s assaulting our freedoms. It’s damaging our citizens. In former times, we Americans would NEVER allowed such an influx of indoctrination.

The alliances and indoctrination do not simply exist at the federal level in America. No, Patriots, it’s all the way down to your local government. A great portion of the UN led propaganda even is present on your media sources.

If you’ve not seen it, my latest article from my Common Core Diva blog will give you 3 such examples of the agenda being thrown right in your faces.

What’s truly saddening (as well as unpatriotic) is that because America in ANY way is a partner of the UN or any of the UN’s ‘buddies’, education is being used as the conduit to reach EVERY aspect of our lives. The illusion of ‘freedom’ is simply a tool used by the UN led agenda sellouts.

Where do you find these sellouts? Everywhere. Anyone who believes by simply de-funding one small portion of America’s UN activities, we’re totally free of UN influence, is a sellout to the illusion. The UN has every means to control America. Patriots, do your own research, if you doubt what I am stating. I urge you to go back in my archived articles here on the Patriot Institute website. You’ll see I’ve given you research and links to point you to a few of the means by which the UN is operating in education without our consent or approval.

However, Patriots, the UN isn’t stopping at funding their education agenda here in America. They are overreaching in religious activities, too. Why would an education researcher be looking into religious activities? Because religious activities are showing up in schools! Before I show you how, let’s look at what 3HO does.

The 3HO Foundation:

Patriots, no where on the above picture do you see the UN logo or it’s name. However, it’s hiding in the 3HO.

What does “3HO” stand for? The “Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization”. While you won’t see the UN immediately, you do find out that Amazon and Yogi brand tea are partners of 3HO. So where did I find the UN ties to 3HO? From an event page from their last Winter Solstice Gathering. Look below:

The yellow circle (at the very bottom right hand corner of the page is where you’ll find the following words,
“3HO Foundation Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization is a 501(c)3 NPO and a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations” (*Note: NPO is short for ‘non-profit organization’. This is a way to receive donations from citizens as well as to receive grants.)
If you’d like to learn how the UN funds its NGOs, visit their page.

Patriots, notice the status of 3HO in relation to the UN: ‘consultative’. Also note the arm, of the UN, 3HO deals with: Economic and Social Council.


So, what does a ‘consultative’ status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council mean? You deal only with matters which fit the ideology of the Council; you conform to the UN’s agenda (as written in its Charter) 100%; you support and carry out the work of the UN at local, state, and, national levels in all types of activities and ways; and, you must be considered ‘competent’ in whatever field your NGO fits into. (Source, pages 53-55)

So, how is a UN NGO like 3HO showing up in schools? Look below:

From the 2017 3HO Grant Winner videos, “Light A Path” takes the Kundalini yoga and associated practices (which can include guided chants) into classrooms. In the video, this type of yoga was being used on troubled youths in schools, as well as other groups in other locations. In another grant winning video, Yoga4Alex (South Africa) enters classrooms daily with same type of yoga. In both locations, bringing calm to the students is the goal.

However, is this truly the only goal, or is it yet another way to give an illusion of ‘freedom’ to our students while steeped in agenda?

Tell me what you think after seeing a 3rd grant winner (Yoga Kidz). This short video is celebrating the calmness Kundalini yoga brings, but the ‘unity’ is breeds.

Also, consider that the Kundalini yoga is SO global there’s an international teachers group for the practice. IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association)

If you visit this website, notice the ‘collectivism’ woven throughout the description of the Association. Patriots, America was never founded for a ‘global collective citizenry’. We were seeking freedom from oppression.

While yoga isn’t necessarily oppressive, look at the dangers this type of overreach is laying for a foundation of control later on.

If you look much deeper into some of the beliefs associated with the 3HO, you’ll see ‘giving back’, ‘living for a shared forgiveness’, and other mind-bending portions you can also find in the UN’s SDGs are present. 

What happens if I don’t want this kind of classroom experience for my child? What happens if I don’t want to practice global ‘religion’? What if I don’t want to wear a turban?! According this article from a former IKYTA member, Kundalini yoga is a ‘cult education’. Students are heavily influenced by charming teachers.

Related Patriot Information:

For more ways our US Government is bowing to the UN agenda via churches, it’s basically through their outreach programs. Especially to those immigrating here. It’s also via church-based schools.

Closing thought:
Don’t fall for the illusions of freedom, Patriots! Fight for the freedoms to be preserved.

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