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Let me make it clear that electing one man to drain the “DC Swamp” will not instantly drain the swamp. It can, however be a great first step. If Trump does get elected president, the real work will commence. One man cannot get the job done. But, every great movement in the history of the world began with one man. Christianity began with Jesus Christ the greatest movement in history.
Our very nation would have never come to be in the form that it was created in without Christianity.

Our Unalienable rights come from God, Our Creator. Our Constitution has its roots in the Bible as also does our rule of law. Founding Father and first US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Day made this clear in his writings on the formation and intent of our founding documents. I have chosen to rely on his own testimony over and above any and all efforts to revise the thoughts, motives and actions of Our Founding Fathers.

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The Patriot Institute and the National Vote Out Incumbents are joining forces

Today, too few Americans even really know or understand that these men took several years to complete the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They spent countless hours prostrate in prayer seeking Divine wisdom endeavoring to create a system of SELF Governance that could keep the people the masters of their government and not allow those elected to government to reverse the roles. They knew that it was imperative for ALL citizens to be self educated, especially in their own rights and more importantly their duties of citizenship. They well knew and well understood newly formed Republic could and would only thrive as long as the people were in control. They rejected any idea of placing education in the hands of government fearful that the duties, ideals and LIMITED authority would over time be no longer taught and thus over time no longer known, much less understood.

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The Patriot Institute was founded to create a nation-wide community to persevere any crisis

These basic principles that have been forgotten and even in some arenas forgotten was the main reason that NVOI was formed. Because of that purpose and because our message has had some reach across our great nation, we crossed paths with the Patriot Institute. I have had over a two year association with the man who formed it. The Patriot Institute’s primary goal is to educate, train and equip constitutionally sound candidates for office. Our goals were very similar and we have made the decision to unite in our purpose, but to also retain our independence. We are looking for other other conservative, constitutionally minded people and groups to link up with us. The Patriot Institute will be the hub of the operation and a source for information, education and encouragement for all like minded groups working towards the common goal of restoring our government to its constitutional roles. This means fully performing its duty, while operating within its enumerated authority.

If you are a concerned citizen, the owner of a page or group with like minded beliefs and goals, click on the link visit the Patriot Institute and see if you as I have choose to link up with them.

By Michael Bowman
National Vote Out Incumbents

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